Tenner Week Aug 2014: Day 7: Very lazy Sunday

Last day of this Tenner Week, and just in case you’re running out of cash, today’s going to be super easy and very relaxing. Welcome to Lazy Sunday.

Tenner Week August 2014 Day Seven 7

Today’s activity is to take it easy and give yourself a bit of a break for at least an hour or two. No need to rush around for this one.

Obviously many of us will have obligations that need to be met on a daily basis, whether that’s looking after pets, kids, other relatives or doing things for work. So once those obligations are met, today you simply have to give yourself permission to stop rushing about and being ‘always on’.

Fitting this around your own lifestyle, you could pick one or more of the following:

  • Have a lie-in in the morning
  • Switch all mobile devices off completely for an hour
  • Go out for a coffee somewhere laid back and read the papers
  • Don’t bother cooking (warm up leftovers or make a quick salad)
  • Read a book in the park
  • Doze on the sofa for a bit
  • Refuse to answer any emails after 7pm
  • Change into your pyjamas mid-afternoon and lounge about
  • Have an early night

Just forget being busy-busy, constantly productive, a slave to your boss/job, or being guilt-tripped into doing things you don’t really need to be doing right now this minute. Have a good day today.

What’s happening here

Yesterday night we had friends over for dinner, so all the fruit and veggies for that were taken from the kitchen garden. That included the swanky edible garnishes on the starter (violas and oregano flowers). Fancy eh? We did some fish for the main course, and Beau bought that out of his budget because I’d bought the extra groceries for another meal with friends earlier in the week.

The upshot of this is that we have some tasty-looking leftovers, including new potatoes, that are going into a very lazy brunch fry-up later today. What could be lazier than making breakfast and lunch together in the same meal? Oh, and there’s also chocolate cake with raspberries for tonight.

At some point we will probably get some fresh air and a coffee, and use up my last bit of change. Nothing too frantic though, and my phone’s going off at 7pm and no email checking after that either. I have enough TV time left to watch a movie, so that’s on the cards too.

What are you getting up to today? And how’s your budget holding out?

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