Tenner Week Aug 2014: Day 5: Freebie Friday

In grand internet tradition, today is Freebie Friday, or, to give it its proper name, #FreebieFriday. Let’s go, freebie fans! Time for a no-cost treat.

Tenner Week August 2014 Day Five 5

Today’s activity is to pick up or apply for at least one freebie, ideally something related to health, fitness, or feeling glam.

This is not going to be so difficult to do, not difficult at all. Today is a day when you’re likely to find lots of promotions and freebies being offered anyway, ahead of of the weekend. Or, in this case, ahead of the long weekend, seeing as there’s a bank holiday coming.

One of the quickest ways to find a heap of freebies to scroll though is simply to head over to Twitter and search for the #FreebieFriday hashtag. You’re bound to find something you like the look of is a very short space of time.

Alternatively you could:

  • Check your local council’s noticeboard for free events
  • Try gym chain websites for free gym trials and temporary memberships (LA Fitness, Fitness First etc)
  • Visit beauty counters in department stores for freebies (don’t get upsold while you’re there!)
  • Try facebook pages of your favourite companies: health food, fitness, wellbeing, skincare, haircare, cosmetics etc for freebies and giveaways
  • Visit money-saving forums (HotUkDeals, MSE etc) and freebie websites for further inspiration
  • Try Amazon UK for their top 100 free books in any category (check the small ‘free’ tab above the listing of each ‘top 100 paid’ books)
  • Track down a free iPhone or Android app for fitness, relaxation, productivity, healthy eating etc etc

So all you have to do is find one freebie related to looking or feeling good. I know you can do it – go, go, go!

**Also, keep an eye on this site because we’ll be having a free prize draw going live later today, with some glam and pampering goodies to be won.**

What’s happening here?

Yesterday’s rushed mini spa was actually quite nice, and I managed to slap on a face pack and hair mask first thing in the morning. Not quite the same thing as a candlelit bath, soft music, white fluffy towels and so on, but my hair’s looking super shiny. Speaking of which, the Aussie range of haircare products is on offer at the moment, mostly half price at Superdrug, and up to 1/3 off at Boots. I’ve been using 3 Minute Miracle Beach Mate on my frazzled locks to very good effect (£2.49 at Superdrug).

When I went to meet my friend they’d been forced to work late, and it was chucking it down this rain so I ended up getting out of the drizzle and waiting for them in a cafe. That mean shelling out for a coffee, which was £2.40 including a small tip for the staff.

Today I’m mainlining freebies from the big designated freebie sites, and looking for the #freebie and #FreebieFriday hashtags on Twitter. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

I’m also planning a quiet night in, and have the full four hours of TV to watch, if I’m feeling that way inclined.

Spent today: £2.40

Total spent so far: £7.67

TV watched: 0 hours

How are you getting on with your budget and/or the TV diet? Any good budgeting or thrifty tips to share? Let us know if you’ve found any amazing freebies today.

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  1. I got a cranberry martini for free at work this afternoon – great freebie!!

  2. Hi Jackie – can I come and work with you? That sounds delicious! Bet you didn’t get much work done after that though….

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