Tenner Week Aug 2014: Day 3: Workout Wednesday

We’ve reached the middle of the working week now, and hopefully you still have some of your £10 budget left. Have you managed a no-spend day so far? Today we’re thinking about fitness for free.

Tenner Week August 2014 Day three 3

Today’s activity is to get an hour of exercise, and ideally this should be for free or very, very cheap. If you are very unfit or have health problems at the moment, please visit your GP before embarking upon an exercise regime. Everyone else, don’t overdo it and remember to warm up before you start, and warm down afterwards.

What you get up to today depends on the resources that you currently have available, but you might decide to:

  • Use an exercise DVD or online tutorial
  • Dance around your bedroom in your pants
  • Brush the dust off that gym membership you hardly ever use
  • Do a trial gym membership for the day
  • Go for a swim in your local pool
  • Get out for a bike ride
  • Do some yoga or pilates matwork at home
  • Use home fitness gadgets, weights or machines
  • Attend a cheap class (your local council may have subsidised ones)
  • Go for a run, or meet up and jog with a friend
  • Low impact exercise such as walking

Get the picture? Make the most of whatever you have.

What’s happening here?

I’m going to do 200 sit-ups and an hour on the exercise bike. This is also a slightly sneaky way to get to watch an hour of telly that won’t count towards the TV Diet that I’m also doing. Bonus.

Yesterday’s Simple Foods plan went well, and I’m feeling pretty good after the fruits and veggies and other tasty things. Should have porridge for my breakfast more often as well, it was so good to get something piping hot on a grey and rainy morning. Also managed a no-spend day, and no telly to add to the TV Diet total either.

Tonight we’re cooking for a few people, and that will mostly be using things from the store cupboard and fresh stuff from the kitchen garden. And wine and beer from the mini stockpile, of course. Should be lovely.

Total spent so far: £0.00

Total TV watched: 0 hours

How are you doing so far? What kind of shape is your budget in, and do you have any thrifty tips to share?

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  1. Managed a no spend day y’day. I’m actually up 20p cos I found it in the street & pocketed it! Hoping for another good day 2day…

  2. Hi Allison, that’s good going so far. Well done on the 20p too, maybe I should be looking down the back of the sofa…

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