Tenner Week Aug 2014: Day 2: Simple foods day

It’s the second day of this latest Tenner Week – how are you getting on so far? I’m still sticking to my budget, and am also doing the optional TV diet (watching four hours or less of television at home during the week).

Tenner Week August 2014 Day two 2

Today’s idea, to get yourself a few bonus points, is to eat simple foods during the day – including all your main meals and snacks. If possible, give yourself a break from processed foods and artificial flavourings and colours, and go for fresh and homemade things instead.

I’m aware of the ‘eat clean’ movement, and you could definitely find a few suitable recipes there if you searched for them. However, I’m not sure I like the name – maybe it’s just me but I don’t like the implied idea that if you aren’t part of this then your food is somehow ‘dirty’. So, I’m preferring to just say keep it simple, and keep it fairly natural.

Here’s an example menu, based on what I’m planning to make tomorrow:

  • Breakfast: porridge with raspberries from the garden
  • Snack: banana
  • Lunch: garden salad with tomatoes and pulses
  • Dinner: roast vegetables, cous cous, grilled halloumi

You could also make soup, a stew, a pasta dish, a stir-fry and so on. Up to you!

What’s happening here?

Yesterday I ended up going to a business meeting where dinner was provided, so I had to change my meal plans at short notice. That means I’m having Sunday’s leftover veggies with tonight’s dinner. Managed not to spend anything yesterday too, and am planning on having a quiet one today so fingers crossed today should be a no-spend day as well.

For the TV diet, I watched an hour of TV while I was on an exercise bike. This is the get out of jail free card of the TV diet: TV watched while you’re at the gym doesn’t count, and nor does a free cinema ticket or a free movie preview. Speaking of which, I bagged a Cineworld night out for free this morning via the O2 Priority Moments app which is valid for this Thursday night, so that’s a fun activity to look forward to later in the week.

Total spent so far: £0.00

Total TV watched: 0 hours

How is your Tenner Week budget looking at the moment? Let me know if you’ve come up with a good menu for the week or any nice food ideas for today!

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  1. Followed yer advise n did a Sunday stocktake of my cupboards n freezers then planned the menu 4 the week 2 make use of wat I already had. Even if my 1st £10 week isn’t a success I’l def do this again as there was easily enuf 4 the week wifout any shoppin other than fresh fruit n veg

  2. Hi Allison – it is amazing how much food the average household has in stock, isn’t it? The best thing about Tenner Week for me usually is preventing waste, and it’s kid of good fun to come up with ways to use things up creatively.

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