Tenner Week April 2015: Schedule & stocktake

tenner week april 2015 day 0

Time for a brand spanking new Tenner Week to start on Monday – are you going to join in and live on £10 for the next seven days? There’s nothing like a good budgeting challenge…

Here’s a quick schedule for the week, so you know what to expect:

  1. Monday: Make a menu for the week
  2. Tuesday: Summer wardrobe maintenance
  3. Wednesday: Scrub up nicely
  4. Thursday: Toes or tans
  5. Friday: Holiday spending money
  6. Saturday: Tone up for free
  7. Sunday: Holiday bargain hunting

I’ve also been doing a bit of a Sunday Stocktake today, and maybe you’d like to do one of your own. That involves reminding yourself about all the food and drink you have around the place, including:

  • Cupboards
  • Freezer
  • Garden
  • Drinks cabinet
  • Biscuit tin
  • etc etc

Seeing as we didn’t cheat (i.e. deliberately stockpile groceries), as usual there’s plenty of some things and not enough of others. So there’s no chocolate in the house. Let’s pause for a moment to consider the potential ramifications of that, people. No. Chocolate. Bad times.

There’s also no fresh fruit, apart from a new crop of rhubarb that’s recently re-sprouted in the garden. Having said that, there is a lot of canned and frozen stuff plus some orange juice, so we should be okay.

The remainder of the cupboard contents should see us through the week with no problems, although it might not be a very luxurious menu for the best start, apart from a can of ‘Essential’ artichoke hearts that I found hiding behind some chick peas. Essential artichoke hearts? I laugh every time I see the label, but they are a nice treat after all, and they’ll be getting together with some home made pizza dough from the freezer at some point this week.

We’re almost out of milk too, so I guess that’s going to be one of the first bites out of my crisp new £10 note.

Are you doing a Sunday Stocktake today? What do you reckon you’ll be running out of first?

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  1. Oops forgot about tenner week, did my usual menu planning and shopping yesterday BUT will definitely be joining in as we had an exceptionally expensive weekend…due in part to not sticking to budget and menu plan! So here’s to a frugal week

  2. I laugh every time I see “Essentials” brioche.

    I wasn’t going to do a tenner week, but we had a rather large and unexpected vet bill this morning so I’m in! I think we’ll run out of salad first, but we move from fresh to tinned/frozen anyway so I’m sure there will be some essential olives, beetroot or something to add to sandwiches to make them a bit more interesting.

  3. Hello thrift deluxe – welcome to the April 2015 Tenner Week challenge! Let us know how you get on, and how those recipes work out.

    I could never understand why they don’t make Essentials crystallised violets or Essentials sumac…. The Essentials brioche makes me think of Marie Antoinette – look how much trouble her mistranslated “let them eat cake” comment caused. 😉

  4. As I have just got my order of organic veg and my food delivery I have lots of food in the house. I hadn’t done this on purpose for tenner week. It’s just the way I shop. Fortnightly veg and monthly dry goods. Hope this is Ok.

    Veg box inclife’s milk and eggs. Just need nuts, cheese and a little fruit.


  5. Hi Barbara – don’t worry, as long as you didn’t deliberately make a big stockpile just before Tenner Week then that’s definitely not cheating.

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