Tenner Week April 2015: Day 7

tenner week April 2015 day 7

It’s the last day of our latest Tenner Week challenge, and we’re finally into the home stretch. Let’s give it one more burst of energy.

Today’s Mini Mission is to hunt around for holiday deals, including some ultra low cost options. First of all get inspired by looking at some travel magazines or blogs, or your favourite travel websites, and think about what your budget is likely to be.

If your budget’s very close to zero, look into working holidays, youth hostels (some accept visitors of all ages) and home swaps. Think about how you’re going to get there too, including cheap coach deals, or discounted train or ferry fares.

For more standard holidays consider self catering, cheap hotel offers and cheap flights. There might also be a favourable package deal that you like the look of, especially if you’re booking at the last minute, out of season, or many months in advance.

One quick tip – when you’re hunting for deals, use an ‘anonymous’ browser. Apparently if you search too many times in a traceable one, some sneaky businesses start bumping the fares and fees up because they think you’re really interested.

What’s happening here

Yesterday was a big day sorting out the house, sowing lots of seeds and doing lots of gardening. There was a big crop of fresh rhubarb in the kitchen garden, so I picked six juicy stalks of that, and cooked it with cardamom and orange for Saturday night’s dessert.

We had it with the last scoop from an old tub of vanilla icecream that I’d been meaning to use up for ages, and there’s enough fruit left over for tonight as well.

I got a good workout doing the gardening, and managed to do some toning exercises here and there too, so I can feel that in my muscles this morning.

Today I’m off to a writing retreat which I booked onto weeks ago, and all the food and drink is provided so I don’t need to worry about the budget. Beau wants to meet me afterwards and has promised to buy me a drink, and I’m not going to say no to that.

We’ll be having a mini roast dinner in the evening too, with rosemary roast potatoes, sweetcorn, green beans, and either a veggie roast or some baked fish.

If there’s time after that, we’ll be looking at short breaks in the UK, maybe B&B or self catering. It’ll be months before we get to take a holiday but we might be able to manage a long weekend somewhere in the meantime.

Total spent yesterday: £0.00 (it pays to keep busy)

Total spent so far: £1.70

Will you be looking for a cheap holiday of some sort today? Good luck finding a deal, and please let us know how you get on.

How’s your budget and your menu?

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