Tenner Week April 2015: Day 4

tenner week april 2015 day 4

We’re just about half way through our latest Tenner Week challenge – how are you getting on?

Today’s activity is tans or toes, so it’s time for a little more pre-summer pampering. What a chore, eh? You have the choice of slapping on a bit of fake tan before getting your legs out, or sorting out a quick pedicure before getting your toes out.

Pedicures aren’t just for the girly girls; everyone should able to have clean, trimmed toenails in time for sandal season as long as they can easily reach their own feet and are able to wield a pair of nail clippers without doing themselves a mischief. Nail polish is optional.

Anyway, if you had a good scrub up and exfoliate plus a good moisturise yesterday then you should be able to fake bake or pedicure a lot more easily today.

Just about everyone who fake tans will have some product in their home, but you can nearly always find some in a nearby pound shop or there’ll be an offer in a cheap supermarket or high street chemist. Likewise, most people already own nail clippers, nail scissors or emery boards, and hardcore pedi fans will have some nail colours to boot (sorry, irresistible opportunity for a bad foot-related pun there…maybe you can come up with something better if you’re feeling creative).

What’s happening here

Yesterday I had a fantastic scrub up in the shower and got a pumice stone onto the soles of my feet, followed by body lotion and foot cream – stuff I should use more often but don’t always remember to – and I felt the difference right away. I also put a small amount of Mashooq Deep Penetrating Hair Oil on the old tresses before I went to bed (and an old pillowcase on my pillow) for some extra conditioning – it helps soften my hair a bit overnight, and every little helps before we get out into the sun.

We had a really tasty dinner too: mushroom pasta with tomato, spinach, ricotta and sprouting broccoli. Turned out we had some sprouting broccoli in the garden after all, after I’d previously thought it didn’t survive the winter. There was just enough of that left over to make a lunch out of today, which is bringing me a smile just thinking about it. Beats a boring cheese sandwich, doesn’t it?

Today, I’m also going to be trying out a sample of the new Sunkissed Rapid Tan Mousse, which is supposed to work in just 60 minutes and not have that weird stale biscuit smell that you get with most other self tanners. Wish me luck. Will let you know how it works out. If I have any remaining energy after that I’ll be painting my toenails in front of some trashy TV, but am not counting on that given how sleepy I’m feeling already.

Today might end up being another no-spend day too, as we seem to have all the groceries and free entertainment we need here and I’m planning on having a quiet night in. Here’s to taking it easy, eating well, keeping hydrated, and getting completely over this bug.

Not doing a TV Diet feels a bit out of the ordinary, as I nearly always cut my screen time right back during a Tenner Week, but the tea-and-sofa option is the right one to take this time around. Tempted to do some TV rationing in a couple of weeks though, once the sleepiness subsides. I love the extra impetus it gives me to get up and get things done, and I love the way it clears my head.

Total spent yesterday: £0.00

Total spent so far: £1.00

What’s your tally for the week like at the moment? Have you been up to anything interesting activity-wise? Please share your menus and any budget tips you’ve discovered.

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  1. I commend you! What a great start to the week. A thought re getting feet in shape for summer: whip out your Vaseline or non-branded petroleum jelly and slather on heels, stick some cotton socks over and go to sleep…your feet will be so soft in the morning, and it hasn’t cost much at all, if anything!

  2. I’ve spent £1.26 so far, but it’s shopping day today so I need to pick up quite a few things to get us through to next Thursday. That will almost certainly swallow up the rest of my tenner.

    I’m doing an extra shift at the charity shop today, so that’s free biscuits for me!

  3. Hi Mrs Bargain Hunter – that’s a good reminder! I’ve found petroleum jelly to be quite useful for creating a seal over other moisturisers, have you ever tried double layering it like that?

    Hello thrift deluxe – Tenner Week runs until Sunday night, so you don’t need to count the groceries that you’ll be using next week. That might help with staying within the budget of £10 per person per week.

    Penny x

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