Tenner Week April 2015: Day 3

tenner week april 2015 day 3

Hello. Hope you’re feeling thrifty today. How’s your budget going so far?

Today’s activity is to have a good scrub and exfoliate so that your skin is lovely and soft and glowing. Or at least a little bit less scaly.

You don’t need to run out and buy any special products or items for this at all. For example, you might have:

  • Exfoliating wash or body polish that you were given as a gift
  • A back brush or body brush
  • Exfoliating mitt, gloves or puff
  • Pumice stone or file for your feet
  • Muslin cloth or microfibre towel
  • A bobbly old facecloth that’s been through the wash a few times

You can also make a gorgeous scrub with a mixture of brown sugar and vegetable oil. I like to add in some freshly ground coffee or vanilla extract as well, mainly because it smells so gorgeous. Slather over wet skin in the shower and rinse off thoroughly.

While exfoliating, use a gentle circular motion and focus on areas such as knees and ankles where dead skin can build up the most. Don’t overdo it, the idea is to whisk off the dead cells rather than scrub yourself raw or cause irritation.

Follow on with moisturiser, body lotion or foot cream etc, and put your feet up and relax for a while if possible. This will set you up nicely for some more pampering and personal grooming tomorrow.

What’s happening here

I’ll be jumping in the shower and using some exfoliating gloves along with a really nice gentle shower gel, and getting a foot file onto my heels and soles. I might also put foot cream on at night and sleep in some cotton socks, if extreme measures are needed. These are all things I have lying around the house, but if I was stuck then I’d be able to find all of those items in a pound shop without any bother.

Tonight’s menu is pasta with ricotta and tomato sauce, plus some wilted spinach or beet leaf from the kitchen garden. There might also be some salad to go with it. We’ll probably have some tinned peaches in juice for dessert, to keep the fruit and veg count up too.

Yesterday I dug out my summer dresses from storage and got them out on the line in the morning. They dried very quickly because it was such a sunny day here. There was also the added bonus of finding a pair of sandals in the box that I really like, but thought I’d accidentally given away. Winter clothes were also bundled up to make room in the wardrobe.

Last night was fun because we were at a cookbook launch. Yum. Tonight will be a lot less fancy but I’m still looking forward to it. Managed a no-spend day yesterday too, and am hoping to have another one today while I’m keeping busy with work.

Spent today: £0

Total spent so far: £1.00

What have you been up to? Any thrifty tips, ideas or menus that you’d like to share?

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