Spring 2018 capsule wardrobe outfits

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Here’s some inspiration for making the most out of a capsule wardrobe. The 20-piece early Spring 2018 capsule wardrobe items I wrote about yesterday include five tops and five pairs of trousers, and as it can all be matched this means you can create 25 unique outfit combinations from those.

Using the accessories, shoes, bags etc, you can then style each outfit up or down, and even a complete beginner will be able to make at least two very different looks from each top-trouser combination, giving you at least 50 different outfits from those 20 basic pieces.

The outfit ideas that follow are just one week out of a possible five different weeks, and there are two styling options for each basic top-trouser combination to give you some idea of what you can create.


Outfit 1: Denim shirt and dark slim leg jeans

Capsule wardrobe spring 2018 denim shirt blue jeans

You can style this as simple catwalk-inspired double denim with turned up trouser legs, or add pattern and colour with bolder accessories. In warmer weather, the shirt can be worn open over a vest or t-shirt as a casual jacket.

Outfit 2: Red striped top and navy wide leg trousers

Penny Golightly capsule wardrobe Spring 2018 stripe top blue trousers

You can take this combination from preppy and practical to sleek and chic with a few quick changes.

Outfit 3: Pink shirt and dark grey biker jeans

Penny Golightly capsule wardrobe ideas Spring 2018 pink shirt grey jeans

Style it down with some relaxed pastels, or tuck the shirt in and style it up a bit with kitten heels for a put-together look that doesn’t try too hard.

Outfit 4: Polka dot shirt and black straight leg jeans

Penny Golightly capsule wardrobe Spring 2018 polka dot blouse black jeans

The shirt echoes Mary Katranzou and Marc Jacobs SS18, and it works well for both off-duty chelsea girl looks and cool girl Soho styles.

Outfit 5: Light grey jumper and khaki skinny jeans

Penny Golightly capsule wardrobe Spring 2018 grey jumper khaki jeans

A neutral colour palette lets you make fun, cosy outfits with minimum fuss, or you can go for gamine chic with a silk square scarf and embellished utility jacket. Which one’s your favourite?


If you’d like a reminder of my easy capsule wardrobe tips they’re here, and if you like any of the clothes and accessories in this article you can find out more about them here.

Penny Golightly capsule wardrobe early Spring 2018 full palette


Do you have a favourite outfit from the suggestions above? Let me know if you’d like more articles like this over the coming months!


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