Smash the winter blues for free: Part 2

Now, time for some more blues-banishing for anyone who’s feeling a little broke and grumpy right now (I might venture that this is most of us…)

12. Go shopping without any money. Do you have any gift vouchers, Nectar points, Tesco Clubcard points, store credit, or a positive PayPal balance you’d forgotten about? I’ve just remembered that a certain online store which failed to deliver before Christmas gave me a £5 gift voucher to say sorry, for example. Hurrah, new paperback on the way! Just watch out for P&P charges and the temptation to overspend.

13. Free music. Naughty illegal downloads aside, most bands, radio stations and record companies offer free tracks on their websites, or you can listen for free on Spotify and other sites. Or make a new playlist of tracks you already own to help you relax, cheer up, or dance around your bedroom in your pants more often.

14. Go shopping in your own cupboards. Have a tidy up and a sort out, and you might be surprised what’s lurking in those drawers and cupboards. You might find an old favourite item of clothing you’ve forgotten about that can be pressed into service, or it might turn up some rarely-used but tasty ingredients. And ladies, we all know how many of us have nice beauty products hidden away that would be better off getting used up – slap on that fancy face pack or body butter and make the most of it.

15. Send a message to an old friend. Use a quiet, skint evening in to brighten up someone’s day or to plan one or two events to look forward to.

16. Do do daylight. Even if it’s cloudy, there will still be stronger daylight at lunchtime. Get outside for a quick walk to take advantage of this slightly uplifting phenomenon, and maybe burn off a little excess winter baggage while you’re at it.

Do you have any tips and ideas of your own for kick-starting a miserable, grey old January? Please share them.

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  1. Free music you say? Why, my boyfriend runs a creative commons record label entirely based on music being free *cough shameless plug cough* ! (Listen to Les Etoiles for beautiful dreamy music)
    That out of the way, going shopping in your own wardrobe is great advice. I need to do this, badly. I’ve had piles of things to wash for months that I’ve actually forgotten what they are! Yes, that’s awful, I know….

  2. Hi Tasmin – that’s nice to know, thanks for the free music tip off! I wonder what you’ll find during that spring cleaning 🙂

    P x

  3. Try charity shops for some great cheap buys in Jan: when people are clearing out stuff to make way for everything thet got for Xmas!

  4. … and they’re also clearing out things they got for Christmas that they didn’t like… 🙂

    Great tip, Maria – thank you!

    P x

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