September is Back to School Month

Jump Start back to school for grown ups

This month we are all going ‘back to school’ in a very grown up way, with a low key version of a Jump Start challenge. It’s all about having a fresh start and trying new things, and maybe learning something along the way.

This one is low key because this time round you are getting the weekends off, apart from the Tenner Week which still has to be a £10 budget spread over seven days.

Week 1: Free schooled meals (mini Storecupboard Challenge)

A Storecupboard Challenge with a difference – you have to make five healthy dishes, starting on Monday. There will also be a quick Storecupboard Stocktake tomorrow, with a listing of each daily challenge as well so you know what to plan for.

Week 2: New term wardrobe

Daily tips for getting your wardrobe ready for the coming season, and beginner and advanced classes for creating an effective capsule wardrobe. With pictures, because more than one person has written in and asked for pictures! Looking gooood.

Week 3: Back to class Tenner Week

Live on a budget of £10 and learn or try something new and different, and mostly free, every single day. Learn a new skill or stretch that grey matter without shelling out any OTT fees.

Week 4: Not on a school night

Five simple days to relax and recharge, all without spending a small fortune. It’s time to take it easy after you’ve done all your homework, right?

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You can also sign up for the weekly newsletter and catch up with the week’s activities on a Friday. As usual, all the Jump Start activities are fairly quick and easy to do, and if you don’t fancy doing a new task every single day then you can easily catch up with anything – or everything – at the weekend instead.

Hope you can join me for this new series of challenges! Feel free to do the whole thing, or to pick and choose a week or two here and there as it suits you. Who’s in?

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  1. Exciting! I want to go back to school – life was much easier back then!!! I loved wearing school uniform too, do we get bonus points for wearing a blazer every day?

  2. Just what I needed. I’ve been slacking all summer, time I got stuck in. it is never too late to learn new tricks, (I am an OAP) I like the look of the curriculum!

  3. Hi June – Have fun and good luck!

    Hello Jackie T – Blazers are so hot right now. *Blue Steel* Also, possibly a bit warm as well, see how the weather turns out over the next week 😉

    Hi Jackie P – thanks for commenting and welcome to the challenge. A bit of summer slacking is good for you, but it’s nice to have a change 🙂

    Penny x

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