Save the Date: New Tenner Week starts Monday 20th February

Coming into 2023, one of my mini resolutions was to have a few more Tenner Week challenges throughout the year. In fact, I’m hoping to do about eight or nine of them, all with different themes, and you’re welcome to join in with as many of those as you want.

As always, they’ll be completely free to join in with, and there’ll be at least one free activity or new idea to try on each of those days. It’ll be timed, as before, to run during the week before payday, which is the end of the month for most people in the UK. It’s one way to keep busy during the cost of living crisis, and hopefully we’ll be able to stick together and keep our spirits up.

I probably won’t be running challenges in high summer or just before Christmas, but apart from that there’ll be something most months. I’ll also keep the past challenges up on the site so if the current challenge doesn’t particularly float your boat then you can try an older themed one instead if it’s more suitable to your needs at the time.

Now let’s have a little look at what to expect this February.

February Tenner Week Challenge 2023

The theme for February 2023 is ‘declutter and spring clean‘, because meteorological springtime starts on the first of March. We’ll start with a small number of quick, specific declutters that are going to be really easy and manageable, since it’s too overwhelming to do all your decluttering in one go. You want to be able to complete these tasks without too much fuss and then feel good about getting them 100% done.

The decluttering and general tidying is all designed to make your life simpler, more practical and more pleasant. It’s not about throwing away all your favourite worldly goods or turning yourself into a minimalist when that isn’t in your nature. Nobody is allowed to talk about ‘sparking joy’ either, on account of how Marie Kondo, Mrs Super-Tidy herself, has recently admitted that she’s kind of given up trying to tidy up.

[I did privately wonder whether that particular movement had turned into a quasi cult, what with all that talk about the ‘magic of tidying’, but fortunately it seems to have given way to something altogether more reasonable so I was clearly wrong there. But I digress.]

Anyway, yes, the last bit of our challenge will include a small amount of spring cleaning after the declutters are done. I know most people like to wait for the weather to warm up a little so they can open their windows to air their homes, so let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. The mini cleans will be very specific, and you can do them on a timer if you like, so you aren’t losing a big chunk of your precious weekend to too much housework.

I’m very much looking forward to saving a few more quid at the end of the month, sorting out some junk and streamlining my everyday life, and generally freshening up my home. Hope you can join me!


Are you in the mood for a bit of cleaning and tidying starting on the 20th? Look out for the full schedule and some optional Sunday Stocktake ideas on Sunday the 19th of February.


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