Save the Date! New Tenner Week starts 28th September

Tenner Week Save the Date starts 28 September 2015

A new Tenner Week Challenge is coming to the site – can you manage to live on £10 for the week?

Starting on Monday the 28th of September we’ll be having a brand new money-saving and budgeting adventure. This time around, the theme will be Boosting Our Core Money Skills, so there’s going to be a mixture of all kinds of old-fashioned and new things to try. Hopefully it’ll put a bit more money back in your pocket too!

Everything of the site will be free to do and join in with, and please feel free to invite your friends.

There’ll be a new activity or mini-challenge to try each day, to keep things constantly changing and interesting to do. The full schedule’s going to be published first thing in the morning on Sunday 27th September, along with a few hints and tips to help you get prepared for the £10 Challenge, including how to carry out a full Sunday Stocktake to get the absolute best out of what you already have.

The rules

If you need a quick reminder of the rules, your £10 is for your personal spending for the week. This includes extra food and drink, entertainment, toiletries, hobbies, treats and so on. It doesn’t include money you have to spend on partner, kids or pets, and nor does it cover monthly household bills, prescription costs, tickets and classes you’ve already paid for, business expenses or your transport to and from work.

So, for example, if you make a pie using ingredients that cost £2 and you and your partner have half each, your personal Tenner Week food budget for that meal is only £1.

For more the full introduction to Tenner Week, and all of the rules, please have a look at the separate Tenner Week page.

In the meantime, you have a week to get yourself all sorted out. For example, if any of your friends or relatives have a birthday during Tenner Week, you might want to do your shopping sooner rather than later if you’re going to be buying them a gift. Also, if your mates want to go out for meals or drinks, try to arrange that before or after the £10 Challenge if you can, unless you’re meeting for a couple of beers, or coffee and cake.

Will you be joining in with the Tenner Week budgeting and activities? Let me know.

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  1. I’m lookin 4ward 2 it, been ages since I’v done a Tenner Week & I’v missed it!

  2. Looking forward to this very much. See you on Sunday for the stock-take!

  3. Hi Allimack – I’ve missed it too! Promise not to leave it so long between challenges from now on.

    Hi Alison – Can’t wait! See you Sunday….

    P xx

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