Save the Date: New Tenner Week starting Monday 14th May

Get set for the Summer tenner week challenge May 2018

It’s high time we had another money saving challenge, so look out for a brand new Tenner Week Challenge that’s officially starting on Monday the 14th of May. The middle of this month fits nicely between the two May Bank Holidays, so this could be a handy way to cut your outgoings if you’ve overspent during the last one or you want to save a little up in advance of the next one.

The theme this time around is Get set for the Summer, so expect some summery prepping and organising in with the general budgeting, and a few ideas for picnics, summer reads, outings and more. There will be a little pampering, relaxing and general self care in there too, although I don’t exactly buy into the whole idea of getting yourself ‘bikini ready’ or creating your ultimate beach body. In my book, if you want to be beach body ready then all you need to do is just haul your body onto a beach and that’s it, you’re there and you’re ready…but I digress…

As usual, we’re all about preventing waste and making the most of any resources you already have access to. As part of this there’s going to be an optional summery Sunday Stocktake exercise on Sunday the 13th of May before the official week starts, so that you have time to go through food stocks and think about other items and subscriptions etc that can be put to good use. It’s not compulsory but it can save you some time and hassle later in the week.

If you want a quick reminder of the Tenner Week £10 Challenge rules, the list is here. Otherwise, you just need to take out £10 in cash at the start of the week and try to make it last until the end of the seven days. Remember, this is only your personal spending that’s being counted, and it doesn’t extend to what you spend on your kids, pets, travel to and from work, prescriptions and medication, tickets you’ve already bought, and so on.

Think of it as a break from endless shopping, and give that purse or wallet a holiday for a few days. Concentrate on something else instead, and expect a new idea or activity on this site every day during the challenge to keep your mind off spending. Each activity will be relatively quick and easy to try out, so don’t worry if you miss a day or two here and there because you can catch up at the weekend.

There’s also an optional TV Diet to try: stick to a total of four hours of screen time or less. This is sometimes a shock to the system if you’re a huge goggleboxer, but it also frees up plenty of time for other interests and projects that could make you happier in the long run. I’ll be joining in with this one and keeping busy elsewhere. If you can get cheap or free cinema tickets this is not included in the four hour total, and neither is TV that you watch at the gym or during a home workout.


Are you ready to take on this new Tenner Week challenge, get set for the summer, and save a few £££? Join me back here on Sunday morning to see the full schedule, and try the optional Sunday Stocktake. 


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