SAVE THE DATE: New Tenner Week Challenge starts Monday 29th January!

Boost Your Mood Tenner Week Challenge Save the Date invitation

Feeling skint at the end of January? Cheesed off with the cost of living crisis? Don’t worry, we’ve got you – there’s a brand new Tenner Week budgeting challenge starting this coming Monday, and the theme this time is ‘Boost Your Mood‘.

The Boost Your Mood Tenner Week Challenge is all about no-cost and low-cost ways to brighten up your week, and as always the day-by-day activities are completely free to join in with.

Yes, it’s time to kick the end of January up the bum, and dance off into February humming your favourite tune.

By the way, if you’ve never joined in with a Tenner Week before, we’ve been holding this budgeting challenge here since 2010. You challenge yourself to live on a tight budget for seven days, there’s a new free activity to try on the site every day to keep things interesting, and you get an optional Sunday Stocktake exercise to try before it starts.

Visit the main Tenner Week information page for more information. It’ll give you all The Rules if you want to learn the basics (or just want to quickly refresh your memory).

What the Boost Your Mood Tenner Week is all about

January is often full of challenges, ranging from the effects of those shorter, darker days to those nasty financial hangovers that so many people suffer from after the festive season. It can be a tough time of year for just about anyone.

However, it also has the potential to be a time to take positive action, make helpful changes, and try something new. It can be a time of genuine transformation, whether you like to make a New Year resolution or not.

Check out my 12 Tips for a successful Tenner Week if you want to be extra well prepared.

Get a FREE Tenner Week spending diary

There’s a free printable Tenner Week spending diary available for everyone who wants one. It helps you keep a record of your spending, and has extra budgeting prompts and tips on it to help you get the most out of the challenge. Just FILL IN THE FORM BELOW to get your freebie.


Tenner Week Spending Diary!

I’m raring to get going with this brand new challenge!

Join me for the Boost Your Mood Tenner Week this Monday.

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