Save the date: A new Tenner Week is coming!

Tenner Week save the date Monday 10th June Penny GolightlyIt’s high time we had another Tenner Week, isn’t it? Whether you’re saving up for summer holidays, finally tackling that credit card debt, or looking for a serious way to make ends meet before payday, a big budgetty week is just what plenty of us need right now.

Yes, it’s time to take the challenge and live on £10 a week once more! Can you rise to the occasion?

The next Tenner Week starts on Monday the 10th of June, so here’s your advance notice to save the date and get ready to join in. There will be lots of ideas and tips to help make your week a success, including recipes, latest bargains and freebies, and all kinds of free and very cheap activities to keep us all cheery and entertained.

Look out for the #10week hashtag on Twitter too.

STOP PRESS: We have a ‘How to Live on £10’ ebook!

To make your Tenner Week go with a bigger bang, there’s now an ebook on Amazon which is packed with loads of extra thrifty information. It’s called ‘How to Live on £10 a Week: Take the Tenner Week Challenge’. It includes a real life example of a shopping basket and menu, and plenty of free and cheap ways to keep yourself entertained.

It’s on sale at a low introductory price of £1.53 which I hope makes it affordable to just about everyone. Please buy a copy and help support this site. You don’t need to own a Kindle to read this book – there’s free, safe official software you can download to read it on your phone, tablet or computer.

Who’s in for Tenner Week? Leave a message below, or drop me an email or direct message. The more the merrier!

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