Save the Date: New Tenner Week starts this Sunday

Tenner Week Save the Date February 2017

Here’s a quick heads-up for you: there’s going to be a Tenner Week this month, starting on Sunday 26th of February with an optional Sunday Stocktake. If you feel like cutting back the spending for a few days, join in!

If you need to remind yourself of the Tenner Week rules, they’re all here, but in brief it’s working in cash with a total of £10 for your personal spending.

As always, there will be something new to try every day, to keep things interesting and busy. There’s also going to be a theme for the whole week, and this time around it’s going to be step-by-step Spring Cleaning, so let’s blow away those cobwebs and get ourselves ready for the lighter months.

Stock up on white vinegar and bicarb, folks, it’s time to get scrubbing… You can do as much or as little spring cleaning as you like, a long as you commit to doing at least ten minutes of something every day from Monday to Sunday.

If you like, there’s also an optional TV Diet to help you avoid slumping in front of the telly every evening. There’s a limit of four hours screen time in total, but you don’t need include screenings if you go out to the cinema or TV you watch while you’re working out at the gym. Top tip: you can get more telly time in if you pre-record the shows or watch them on catch-up and fast forward through the ad breaks.

See you this Sunday for a stocktake, and there might even be time to give that store cupboard a wipe down while you’re at it.

Want to join in? Who’s ready for a bit of budgeting and cleaning up?

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