Save the Date: New Tenner Week starts 18th August

Hi everyone, it’s high time we had another Tenner Week. It’s been an expensive summer and I’m looking forward to the chance to cut back and save a few quid this month. Care to join me?

save the date tenner week August 2014

This time around the theme is looking and feeling good, so be prepared for a bit of pampering and one or two healthy activities as well. All on a budget, of course…

It officially starts on Monday the 18th of August, but if you drop by this site a day early then we’ll be doing a ‘Sunday Stocktake’ as well. Getting organised right from the beginning really helps, and it’s so good to know exactly which resources you have available for the week.

If you haven’t done a Tenner Week before, we’ll all be living on a budget of £10 for seven days and using things up from around our homes. Get ready to reuse, recycle and repurpose!

The full list of Tenner Week Rules is here, along with some other useful information. You can also pick up bonus points every day with new thrifty activities to try, and there’s an optional TV Diet to get you off the sofa and doing interesting things.

So save the date – it’s starting next week on Monday the 18th of August. Ideal if you’re bumping along the bottom of your overdraft before payday, or for anyone who’s overspent on their holidays and needs to rein it in for a while.

Any first timers joining in with us next week? Feel free to ask questions if there’s anything you’d like to know about the Tenner Week Challenge.

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