Save the Date: New mini Jump Start & New Tenner Week

New Year challenge Tenner Week and Jump Start from Penny Golightly

So here’s a little heads up for you: there will be two new challenges coming to this site in January. The first will be a mini seven-day Jump Start challenge, and the second one will be a brand new Tenner Week budgeting challenge. The arrival of the New Year is the perfect time to shake off the cobwebs and start making a few positive changes.

As always, the basics of both these challenges will be free to join in with, in case you’re low on funds after the festivities in December.

A 7-day Jump Start

The mini Jump Start challenge starts on the first of January with a general theme of ‘Boost your happiness and wellbeing‘ and I’m really excited about it. This is a subject that becomes more interesting with each passing year, as there’s so much research being done and so many new ideas to study and try out. There will be a different type of activity to try every day to shake us all out of that post-Christmas lethargy, and there will be at least one free option to try every day. If you have a little more to spend, there will also be a few low-cost treats and options to try out too.

There’s also going to be a related book to accompany the theme in due course, initially available as an ebook, because it’s such a huge topic area and a week really isn’t long enough to explore it properly. If you prefer a print book, please let me know and I’ll make one of those available too if there’s enough demand for one.

The new Tenner Week challenge

If you overspent at Christmas or New Year then the Tenner Week challenge is for you. It’s going to be held during the third week of January, also known as the extra-skint week before payday, perfect timing for cutting the spending right back!

This time around it will be based on all the different ways to earn ‘bonus points’ that we’ve mentioned during previous challenges. Each one will now have its own designated day to concentrate on it, so expect activities to include ‘mend something’, ‘get your home into shape’, ‘helping others’, and ‘rediscovering old hobbies and activities’.

If you need a refresher about the Tenner Week rules, they’re here. In a nutshell, you have a £10.00 cash budget for your spending, and you’re encouraged to use up leftovers and other things you own to reduce waste and save money.


So that’s it for the time being, but I’m really looking forward to January and I hope you can join me for one or both of these challenge weeks. Are you up for a challenge?


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  1. Dear Penny,
    I am glad to hear that you do a Jump Start for January but a mini ? not an entire Jump Start for all January as usual ? I actually prepared myself for the full month. But anyway I am glad to do it and I will definitely be joining in.
    Love, Pat

  2. Hi Patricia, there’s a mini Jump Start, plus a Tenner Week (which we usually have as part of a Jump Start, so two weeks in total). I was in the mood to change things up a bit this year 🙂

  3. Hi Penny, A nice early Jump Start into the New Year will be very welcome. I want to leave behind 2017, which has not been the best of years for many people, not just me, and hit the ground running, I’ve booked a break with friends in 2018, not having had a holiday for a few years, and want to make sure that I can go away without having to worry about what I’m spending. Not ridiculous expenditure, just a good, relaxing time with friends. A positive Jump Start by taking control of my finances early in the year will get me into the right mindset, I’m sure.

  4. Hello Christine – that sounds like an excellent positive way to look forward to the New Year. Hope you save lots of £££ and have a great time in January!

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