Save the Date: We’re having a Jump Start month in May

Jump Start May 2016 Get ready for summer on a budget Penny Golightly

The whole of May is going to be a Jump Start challenge. I love a good 30-day challenge, don’t you (there’s a day off at the end for a rest)? There will be something new here on the site every day with the general theme of Getting Ready for Summer, so join in if you feel like shaking things up and taking your mind off the terrible weather!

There’s going to be a new set of activities to try every week to keep it fresh and interesting, and it’s all going to be low cost or completely free. As always, each task will be simple and quick to complete so don’t worry if you miss a day or two. Life gets in the way sometimes, so it’s all designed to fit together so that you can catch up at the weekend.

The weeks will run in this order:

  1. Home rediscover, re-use and repurpose – making the most of what we already have, and being creative with it
  2. Summer wardrobe – time to chuck out the mothballs and make a few warm weather updates without going for broke
  3. A Tenner Week Challenge – live on a tight budget for a few days so you’ll have a bit more more cash for the holidays
  4. Health and beauty week – eat well, get active, feel refreshed and give yourself some well deserved pampering

You can get so much done in 30 days, you’ll be amazed.

I’m really looking forward to all this, and I hope you’ll be able to join in too. Let’s shake off the cold and the rain together and get ready to make the most of the summer months.

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  1. Dear Penny,

    I am going to do the challenge this time as well as the freezer one. Hope that the different theme will be interesting. By the way, what happens to the overall presentation of your website ? Did you change something ? Frankly, I prefer the previous one,
    Love Pat,

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