Review: Yo! Sushi September Blues promotion

yo sushiI’ve recently revisited Yo! Sushi for some kaiten (sushi conveyor belt) delights, and thought you might like to know that the company is doing a tasty little promotion called September Blues from today until the 13th of September.

The offer includes most of their menu, 50 dishes in all, and they’re a mixture of hot and cold, savoury and sweet. All the plates cost £2.50 each, and the offer runs Mondays to Fridays inclusive. There’s no need for vouchers, you just turn up, grab the new menu and off you go.

If you haven’t been to Yo! Sushi before, all the plates are colour coded by price:

  • Green – £1.90
  • Blue – £2.50
  • Purple – £3.10
  • Orange – £3.60
  • Pink – £4.10
  • Silver – £5.00 (not in offer)
  • Yellow – £6.00 (seasonal specials, not in offer)

The offer includes one or two green and blue plate dishes, but it’s mostly the purple, orange and pink plate dishes that are included. The biggest savings to be had are from the dishes that are normally served on a pink plate (for example the rather lovely crunchy prawn and avocado ISOs pictured above, the salmon sashimi plate, the assorted nigiri, and the crispy duck and moromi miso hand roll), which would save you £1.60 per dish, or 40% off the usual price.

Between us, we sampled the crunchy prawn and avocado ISO, the inari pockets, pumpkin korroke, spicy pepper squid, chicken gyoza and chocolate mochi – and I can happily say there was not a bad dish among them. At four plates for £10 this is a nice treat, and don’t forget you can get unlimited refills of Japanese green tea for £1.50, so I say go forth and sushify.

Oh, and if you fancy the chance of winning a free meal every day during this offer, tweet @YOSushi with #yoseptemberblues and you might get lucky.

Full disclosure: I was given some free sushi dishes to sample, and paid for the rest of the meal myself.

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