Review of Waitrose Cooks’ Homebaking Coconut Natural Flavour

Review of Waitrose Cooks Homebaking Coconut Flavour natural flavouring

It’s high time we had a new addition to the Treats Under a Tenner category, so here’s a review of Waitrose’s Coconut Flavouring. It works out as great value for money and it’s definitely a life enhancing little treat for summery days.

I don’t have brand loyalty to any particular supermarket, and that suits me well because I can drop in and out of different shops to find the bargains. Waitrose Cooks’ Homebaking Coconut Natural Flavour is one of those ingredients that I stock up on when I visit a Waitrose store, along with their own brand espresso beans.

This stuff looks very unassuming on the shelf, and I’d walked past it several times because I’m not a huge fan of artificial flavourings. Oh, but I was wrong…. A quick look at the ingredients list revealed that the only contents of these bottles are purified water and real coconut extract – yes, it’s a completely natural product. Just coconut and water.

They cost £1 per 38ml bottle, and I’d say it has a medium strength level of flavour. Due to its fairly concentrated nature the main advantage of the coconut flavour is to get that coconut taste into things without adding extra liquid or chewy bits, i.e. foods where you can’t add large amounts of coconut in dessicated, milk or cream form. That makes it especially good for adding to smooth icing and cake batters.

The aroma is very sweet and creamy, a really pure coconutty smell and taste. I’ve been experimenting with usage and have found lots of ways to make the most of it, both adding flavour and saving money. In warmer weather, I also tend to crave lighter foods and it’s a way of adding natural flavour without adding lots of extra sugars or fats.

Other uses found so far for Waitrose Cooks’ Homebaking Coconut Natural Flavour:

  • Adding a couple of drops to water instead of buying coconut water
  • Flavour boost for hot chocolate and smoothies
  • Good in icecream, sorbet and pancake recipes, as well as cakes & icing
  • Added to white rum for a Malibu-like taste
  • Handy for pina coladas and other cocktails
  • Mixed in with tropical fruit salads
  • Added to anything with chocolate for a ‘Bounty Bar’ flavour
  • Good added to yogurt, custards, rice pudding and chia pudding

I haven’t tried it in any savoury dishes yet, but will try it in an Indian curry or Thai-style food next and I think it might make make good coconut rice. Once opened it needs to be kept refrigerated, where it stays fresh for several weeks. It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

You can buy it in Waitrose and via Ocado’s online delivery service, so you might like to add one to your basket next time you’re shopping.

Have you tried Waitrose Cooks’ Homebaking Coconut Natural Flavour for yourself yet? Let me know what you think of this baking ingredient if you have.

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