Review of UNIQLO women’s sports socks

Uniqlo women sports socks review

After undertaking a thrifty fitness challenge during June, I’ve been keeping up the exercise and maintaining those gains. As part of this I’ve also invested in a few new and reasonably-priced items of sportswear, and these were the ones that surprised me – the women’s short sports socks from UNIQLO.

I mean, how good can sports socks be? They’re just socks, right? I’ve bought all kinds of sports socks and trainer socks in the past and while they were fine, they were really just plain old socks. However the ones from UNIQLO genuinely feel different on.

They have L and R stitched onto them, which I admit I initially scoffed at. It reminded me of something you might see on a small child’s mittens or wellingtons. Ah, but I was wrong. Once on, they moulded to fit each individual foot, and then I realised that there was a large amount of elastic fibre in them that was essentially providing arch support. You can really feel the difference.

Although it would not take the place of arch support in a properly fitting sports shoe, it certainly seemed to add to it, meaning that my feet were less likely to be tired or sore after a workout. I imagine they would also be good if you had to be on your feet all day for work as well.

They also have a groove cut out at the ankle for a slightly sleeker line under trainers, and there’s an extra tab at the back of each sock behind the heel that reduces heel rub from sports shoes as well as keeping the socks from slipping out of place.

Unfortunately there isn’t that much cotton in them, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing these socks all day, every day during a heatwave, but they certainly do the trick for sports and on cooler days, and with prices from £3.60 you get good value for money.

There’s currently a deal where you can get three pairs of sports socks in plain colours (choice of white, grey, black or dark navy) for £9.90. If you prefer brighter colours or patterns there are multipacks of three pairs for £9.90 too.

If you’re visiting UNIQLO there are some good deals in the sale, including clothes from designer collaborations with up to 85% off. Well worth a look.

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