Review: M Kitchen chilled desserts

I like cake and I don’t care who knows it. So when I was invited to try the new chilled puds from Morrisons’ M  Kitchen and M Bistro ranges I was hardly going to say no, was I?

The stand-out dessert is their Great British Cheesecake, currently on offer for £3.00, and giving you six decent sized slices. It is a vanilla cheesecake with a crushed biscuit base – so far so good. But wait, it gets better. Inside the cheesecake there are tiny pockets of vanilla custard, whole raspberries and raspberry jam, and on top of the cheesecake there are tiny vanilla sponges, mini meringues and a sprinkling of dried raspberry bits. It’s a unique, delicious recipe, and worth every penny. There was a fight over who got the last slice too.

We also liked their The Best Riesling Auslese dessert wine, priced £8.99. It is lighter and less sickly-sweet than your average dessert wine, which I usually only drink in the depths of winter, and it goes well with light and fruity summery puds. The main flavours were citrus and honey. I think I would buy this again if I saw it on offer.

The third honourable mention goes to their Bistro Lemon and Raspberry posset. Some nice fresh flavours, no artificial nasties in the ingredients, and a good cheat if you don’t have time to make your own. They cost £2.50 for two, and you get a couple of glass ramekins to keep afterwards.

I didn’t try the Victoria Sandwich Sundae (£1) or the Bistro Millionaire’s Cheesecake (£1.50) as they both contain pork gelatine, but someone else ate them and said they were nice enough, similar to M&S style naughty individual desserts.

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