Review: Landon Tyler’s Chesil Beach range

Landon Tyler candle diffuser review Chesil Beach

I’m always on the lookout for good quality homewares that are reasonably priced, and Landon Tyler is a brand that I’ve had a lot of luck with. Today I’m reviewing their Chesil Beach home fragrance products.

The product range includes a 200g scented candle in a glass jar, a three-wick candle, a 100ml fragrance diffuser, and a twin pack of 50ml fragrance diffusers.

First and foremost, the fragrance is what you notice. The Chesil Beach range is highly fragranced, and once out of the packet one of the 200g candles can lightly scent a small room without even being lit.

What’s the scent like?

By far the biggest part of the scent is a clean, aquatic or oceanic note. It’s exactly the kind of thing you’d find in a ‘clean laundry’ fragrance, or one of the classic sea breeze after shaves like Acqua di Gio or Cool Water by Davidoff. Other, lesser, notes include sandalwood, lavender, bergamot and a hint of spice. This is one of those scents that could be kind of divisive; some people will like it and others won’t.

It would definitely be suited to very warm weather when things get muggy, to keep rooms feeling and smelling fresh, and it’d be ideal for bathrooms. It would also work well generally for rooms that aren’t used too often, such as attic conversions and spare bedrooms, to prevent them becoming musty.

The glassware is stylish and simple, and it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. The packaging is an added bonus, with embossed card and hints of silver, which means it makes a good gift too.

Prices and stockists

The RRPs are: £10.00 for a 200g candle, £12.00 for a 100ml diffuser, £12.00 for a twin pack of 50ml diffusers, and £14.00 for a 460g 3-wick candle. The candles are made from good quality wax, and the smallest one has a burn time of at least 40 hours.

The full range of Landon Tyler candles and fragrance diffusers, including several other types of fragrance, is available at Boots. They’re all currently on sale, with a 20% discount, making the 200g candle £8.00 and the 100ml diffuser £9.60.

Have you tried Landon Tyler products yet? Do you like oceanic fragrances, or something different?


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