Review: CÎROC Summer Colada and Aluna Coconut Rum

Ciroc Summer Colada vodka review Aluna coconut rum review World Cocktail Day

The 13th of May is World Cocktail Day, and I’m reviewing some cocktail ingredients today that remind me of sunny days and faraway beaches. If the weather outside isn’t playing along then it’s time to make your own sunshine.

Let’s start with the CÎROC Summer Colada. This is a 2017 limited edition super-premium flavoured vodka made from French grapes, and it tastes of fresh pineapple and coconut cream. Lovely strong tropical flavours, moderately sweet, and quite complete in itself which lends to being sipped neat over crushed ice. It’s currently £27.95 for a 70cl bottle at

You could also mix it with other tropical flavours such as mango juice to make an easy longer drink. I’ve also made it into a refreshing Capiroska, which is a Caipirinha made with vodka if you haven’t had one before. For a CÎROC Summer Colada Capiroska, muddle half a chopped lime with a sprig of mint and 10ml sugar syrup, then mix in the vodka and a big handful of crushed ice. Pour unstrained into a rocks glass (aka Old Fashioned glass) and enjoy.

Next up we have the Aluna Coconut Rum. This is a smooth, naturally low sugar white rum cut with coconut water, and it has a slightly-toasted natural coconut flavour. This is currently available from for £24.95 for a 70cl bottle.

Suggestions for drinking it include neat over ice, mixed into a long drink with fruit juice, or as an interesting change in rum based cocktails. It would be great in a piña colada with some pineapple juice, plenty of crushed ice and a little fresh lime and sugar syrup. I’ve also made it into a long drink with almond milk, white creme de cacao and chocolate bitters – add a shot of cooled espresso and it’s just right for a boozy brunch, served with some banana pancakes.

I think this lovely coconut rum works best in a mixed drink, and I set out to create a martini-style cocktail that’s a nod to the tiki flavours of the Zombie. After trying out a few variations, I think this version – the Zombini – is my favourite.

Zombini Cocktail recipe by Penny Golightly

Zombini cocktail recipe

  • 45ml Aluna coconut rum
  • 15ml apricot brandy liqueur
  • 10ml freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 50ml papaya juice
  • 2 dashes Bitter Truth’s Old Time Aromatic Bitters
  • Lime peel twist to garnish (optional)

Shake all the ingredients well with ice, then fine strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a lime peel twist, then close your eyes and imagine you’re on a tropical beach.


Happy World Cocktail Day – cheers!


Full disclosure: Drinks samples kindly supplied by All words and opinions my own.


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