Review: Batiste Brit

I was one of the delighted guests who were invited to the Batiste vintage party to launch their new dry shampoo. What an event!

Batiste have a new product out for the party season, a dry shampoo called Brit. It retails for £2.09 (a Superdrug exclusive) and is possibly the nicest scent they’ve ever made, even nicer than Blush, which I’ve been fond of since it came out. It’s lighter than the others, rather subtle and pleasant, and reminds me of roses and strawberries.

As with their other products, it’s an easy-to-use style-saver for festivals and long haul travelling, but it’s also handy for putting a bit of body into freshly-washed hair that’s slightly too squeaky clean for serious party styling and up-dos. That made it the perfect fit for a vintage tea party, with some lovely pin-up girls giving us pretty 1940s hair styles.

It’s a hard life, drinking jasmine tea and champagne cocktails out of china tea cups, scarfing down scrumptious petits fours and scones from The Vintage Patisserie, getting pampered and meeting lots of lovely people. But I did it for you, dear readers.

Yes, that’s right. You get to have a bit of the fun as well. I have a can of Batiste Brit to give away, along with a cute matching travel hairbrush for all your party animal coiffuring needs.

Stealth comp: The first UK reader to post ‘Yes, me me me, I want that!’ in the comments box below wins the dry shampoo and mini hairbrush. Go to it.

Terms and conditions: First come, first served. Prize will be posted out once the weather has stopped being stupid, which is likely to be the start of January.

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  1. woop was I really first?! (thought there would be lots of comments before me being moderated lol) Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

  2. Well done Lora. You won 🙂

    Email me your address please (it’s if you know what I mean), and I’ll package it up as soon as the post starts getting back to normal.

    P xx

  3. Hi again, just wanted to say thanks, I received the Batiste and wee brush yesterday (and extra thanks for the free samples too). I agree with you, it’s definitely their nicest scent yet 🙂

  4. Hi Lora – thanks so much for letting me know it’s arrived safely. Hope you like it! P x

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