Review of Aldi’s Easter food offers

Aldi Easter offers Penny Golightly review

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to try out all of Aldi’s Easter food offers, so I thought you might be interested to know what the food’s like and what I thought of it. You’ll be pleased to hear that I had a nibble, or a large bite at least, out of just about everything, so here are a few notes about flavours, prices and value for money in general.

I started by chatting with some of the buyers, then took a while trying things out, moving on from savoury foods to the sweeter treats. Here are my top ten picks of the best things they have on offer this Easter, from ingredients to gifts to ready-made foods.

  • Whole leg of British lamb – £3.79/kg. Available in store from 21st March, and guaranteed all British, which is unusual. There’s also a leg of lamb with rosemary added that comes in its own foil roasting tray, if you don’t want to do your own preparation.
  • Fishmonger half side salmon, £4.49 for 500g. Available from 24th March. Good value for money as a centrepiece, and simple to cook. There’s also a topped side of salmon that’s ready prepared for £6.99 for 600g.
  • Specially Selected three game roast, £9.99 for 1kg. Available from 9th March. Rolled meat from three different types of game birds, boneless and easy to carve.
  • Mini jamon Espanol, £12.99. From 24th March, Specialbuy product. A traditional Spanish ham that comes on its own wooden stand with a carving knife, and would work as an impressive gift or something for a posher buffet table.
  • Specially Selected pate jars, £2.49 for 200g. Attractively topped and sealed in large Kilner-style jars that you can keep and use afterwards.
  • Butternut squash risotto, £1.49 for 500g. Attractive and colourful vegetarian option, handy if you want something healthy but have no time to cook.
  • Chocolate and toffee fudge hot cross buns, 99p for 4. A twist on the traditional recipe, would appeal if you don’t like citrus pieces and have a sweet tooth.
  • White chocolate and amaretti cheesecake, £2.99 for 475g. Available from 24th March, Specialbuy product. A bit different from the more traditional Simnel cake for Easter, light and delicate.
  • Choceur Easter egg, £2.99 for 350g. Nicely presented thick chocolate shells, filled with generous chocolate truffles or assorted chocs.
  • Chocolate bunny, 99p for 100g. Melt in the mouth, smooth chocolate that’s just right for a treat. Available in white, milk or dark chocolate, and all very tasty.

There you have it, a few Easter treats to look out for if you’re picking up your shopping in Aldi this week. There’s more information on the groceries section of their website.

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