Rest and Relax Week: Day 5


It’s the last day of our Rest and Relax Week, and today is all about the old saying that a change is as good as a rest. Making a few changes here and there has been shown to make us happier, and there’s even a theory called the ‘hedonic treadmill’ that suggests we need to change up even our most favourite things otherwise they will eventually lose their sparkle.

So let’s think about our relaxation and leisure time, seeing as it’s a Friday. Forget having an early night…

All you have to do is pick an activity that you don’t usually do, and try something out of the ordinary for you. A few quick ideas:

  • Cook something you don’t usually cook
  • Order a new dish in a restaurant
  • Try a new type of drink, or make a cocktail you haven’t made before
  • See a new comedy act, play or band
  • Go to a new bar or pub
  • Attend a one-off event over the weekend: a pop-up, market, exhibition etc

Get out of your usual routine and comfort zone, and see how you get on.

What are you going to get up to? 

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  1. Postpone this activity on Saturday night as we go to the restaurant. Will order a new dish as part of this discovery.

  2. I think I will just see how things go. Planned things have being going astray recently so something unplanned might do the trick.

  3. I tried a new variation of the sub at subway (my Friday Treat) found a magazine about paracord crafting, knotting really to an old former Girl Guide. Who knows what tomorrow and Sunday will bring?

  4. Well done ladies! I tried a new thing for lunch – beef rendang I think it was called, a sort of Malaysian curry. It was very tasty, served with some wild rice and salad, and even better was a treat from my boss so it didn’t cost a thing!
    I also had a fun cocktail later which was gin, elderflower and apple. Never had that before either and enjoyed it immensely!
    What did you do Penny?

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