Rest and Relax Week: Day 4


We’re already on Day Four of our Rest and Relax Week, and today is all about thrifty ways to reduce irritations in our everyday lives. We often put up with lots of minor things that get in the way, make us uncomfortable or generally annoy us, and while it’s good to ‘not sweat the small stuff’ there’s also always room for improvement!

I often write about finding and making the most of our creature comforts and new ways to add little treats into your day, but this is probably the first time this blog has focused on eliminating the negative rather than accentuating the positive. About time too eh?

So let’s put a few minutes aside to think about those niggling little problems and annoyances that we could perhaps reduce or even get rid of altogether. Where could you start looking?

Here are a few broad categories to consider:

  • Physical irritation (skin, eyes, feet, stomach, sinuses etc)
  • Practical problems (things that waste time, get in the way, or are missing)
  • Social or emotional annoyances

Now just go about your day, looking for anything where you might become slightly irritated or simply see room for an improvement…

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Dry skin, sensitive skin, treatable skin conditions
  • Itchy scalp from hair products, dandruff, other skin problems
  • Synthetic and scratchy fabrics in clothes or bedding
  • Clothes labels or uncomfortable seams
  • Foods that cause stomach upsets
  • Shoes that rub or are too loose or tight
  • Bags that are difficult to carry or find stuff inside
  • Lack of umbrella or warm or waterproof clothes
  • Messy home or work desk
  • Lack of kitchen utensils, crockery or tableware
  • Uncomfortable or missing furniture
  • A mess that could be fixed with simple storage solutions
  • Too many clothes in a wardrobe, or not enough hangers
  • An unpleasant commute to work
  • Unfinished DIY or decorating around the home
  • Nowhere to hang towels, coats, or bathing accessories
  • Keys that are hard to find in your bag or home
  • A spare room full of useless junk
  • An iron or vacuum cleaner that needs maintenance or replacement
  • …and so on…

Next, have a look at your list and pick one thing that you’re going to try to improve.

That could mean:

  • Downloading a funny podcast or buying a travel coffee mug to make your commute more bearable
  • Putting a proper key fob on a keyring, or putting a key dish on a sideboard
  • Sorting out old unwanted clothes, and selling or giving them away
  • De-scaling or replacing that iron, or emptying the vacuum cleaner bag
  • Making a doctor’s appointment or speaking to a pharmacist
  • Changing your usual brand of shampoo or body lotion
  • Fixing a hook or hangerĀ on a wall or door
  • Moving your most frequently used items to within easier reach
  • Requesting a refund for a faulty product or poor service
  • Or whatever else you like!

Some annoying things are more complex and therefore more difficult to change, but there’s always something small you can do in the here and now to make everyday life just that little bit nicer.

I have very, very sensitive skin, so today I’m going to take an itchy old jumper to the local charity collection point. It’s no fun to wear any more and it’s taking up space in a crowded drawer, so this way I’ll have less clutter in my way when I’m getting ready in the morning and it could also raise a little money for a good cause.

What are some of the minor irritations that you can get rid of today? Does something simply need to go, or does it need to be fixed, replaced or added to?

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  1. Today, I will try to finish off with my ironing pile which is standing there for far too long. In the afternoon, I will also finish off my gardening work which is lasting as well for far too long. Tonight I will vacuum the entire house, to make it cleaner and by the same finish off the general cleaning. Saturday night, we are going to the Japanese restaurant to celebrate all that homework done and well finished.

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