Rest and Relax Week: Day 3


It’s Day Three of our Rest and Relax week, and today it’s time for some music therapy. The activity for the day is to make a relaxing music playlist to help you wind down at night or recover from a stressful day. Nothing soothes us or hits the spot quite as well as some beautifully-chosen tunes can.

Depending on how much time you have today, you could put together a 30 minute playlist or maybe create one that lasts for an hour or more.

Need a few ideas? You could look for tracks that are:

  • Quiet electronica
  • Instrumental pop or rock
  • Relaxed singer songwriter stuff
  • Laid back jazz or blues
  • Classical music
  • Chamber music
  • …and so on

If you’re a big fan of a specific type of music then hunt around for dedicated radio show, and get inspired by the best DJs. You can also cheat a bit and look online or on various music services for ready-made playlists that have been curated by other people.

Now get shopping in your own music collection (iTunes etc), or put a new playlist together with a streaming service such as Spotify or Deezer. Find some gorgeous and relaxing tunes and give your ears a treat.

What kind of music helps you wind down after a tough day?

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  1. Sleep very well last night thanks to a lavender herbal tea with some very good organic honey. Dig out various CDs of relaxing music on my own shelves. Today for lunch it will be some pasta with fresh pesto and a tomato salad.

  2. Some years ago I found a preloaded mp3 player containing chill out content, that and a Sudoku does it for me. Camomile tea is good too.

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