Rest and Relax Week: Day 2


Day Two of our ‘rest and relax’ week is all about getting a better night’s sleep, which follows on from yesterday’s bedroom tidying. Most of the things that can help you to sleep better are completely free too, so this one could be very thrifty as well as being energising and life enhancing…

There are lots of ways to get better sleep and / or reduce insomnia, and here are a few ideas for you to try today. Consider one or more of the following:

  • Going to bed at a set time
  • Gentle exercise a couple of hours before bedtime
  • Stopping caffeine intake after lunch
  • Having hot milk just before bedtime
  • Using a blackout blind, or wearing an eye mask
  • Earplugs to block out noise
  • Avoiding heavy meals before bedtime
  • Using soft lighting for an hour or two before bed
  • Reducing alcohol intake (if early waking is a problem)
  • Listening to nature sounds or white noise before falling asleep
  • An intelligent sleep app, such as free Sleepio by Professor Colin Espie
  • Moderating the room temperature, so it isn’t too warm

It could also be worth making an appointment to see your GP if you’ve been having trouble sleeping, especially if this has been happening for a long time or has recently become worse.

I’m planning on turning off the TV at a sensible hour and winding down for a while, then hopefully lights out by 11pm. Might download a nature sounds app too, just to see what it’s like.

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? What are you going to try this evening to get a good night’s sleep?

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  1. I have tried most of those things at one time or another, I find being really tired helps! My trouble is sparrows roosting in the shrubbery outside my bedroom window, oh boy are they early birds!

  2. Did yesterday’s task today. As for sleep, I found out that you get a better sleeping night with an open window. I will take some Bach’ flowers essentiel oil drops to help as well. But with the bedroom being aired all day today, I think it should be ok.

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