Real life capsule wardrobe outfits and options

This is two weeks of different outfits and options from my latest 5-day-week capsule wardrobe, to show you how easy it is to style up all kinds of different looks from the basic combinations.

The capsule wardrobe I put together for Autumn 2016 can be seen again here, if you missed it.

Some of the rules of a really effective capsule wardrobe are that any of the tops should be wearable with any of the trousers and skirts, and that for every top-and-trouser/skirt combination you should be able to build at least two different ‘looks‘ that allow you to dress it up or down as required.

Now on to the outfits, taking into account that if something’s already been worn then it’s probably in the laundry bin – so it won’t be available to wear the next day.


Off we go, randomly taking any given pair or trousers or skirt, and pairing them with any random top. For each day’s combo, I’ve given you two different ways to style it up or down, depending on places I might be going or things I might be doing during or after work. See which ones you like the best!

Day 1: Mink shirt and skinny jeans

Capsule wardrobe for beginners Week 1 Day 2

Some days you want to chuck on some grungey eyeliner, ignore your email and get things done. Other days you know you’re going out to the cinema with your honey after work and want to give it some sass.

Day 2: Breton top and navy chinos

Capsule wardrobe for beginners week 1 day 1

Chinos and khakis are the pinstripe suits of the bigger dotcoms, in case you want to impress the CEO. Other days you just want to look cute, right?

Day 3: Print shirt and green skirt

Capsule wardrobe for beginners Week 1 Day 5 Penny Golightly

Some mornings you’re feeling particularly, er, flamboyant, and you aren’t even still drunk from the night before. Go figure, eh? Other times your mate’s band is playing upstairs in a scuzzy pub and you want to look like you know your way around without having to try too much.

Day 4: Off-white blouse and grey drape trousers

Capsule wardrobe for beginners Week 1 Day 3 Penny Golightly

Option A: Channelling Katherine Hepburn, arriving full of pep and vim on set with a touch of sporty old Hollywood glam. Option B: My house is full of builders and I’ve decamped to the nearest place that does all-day decent coffee. They better have wifi. And cake.

Day 5: Dark green top and black wide leg trousers

Capsule wardrobe for beginners Week 1 Day 4 Penny Golightly

Big bag to fill with publications and business cards, and cotton jersey extra-comfy everything because I’m stuck here all blinking day. Alternatively, working lunch over a nice bit of tapas. Pass the patatas bravas, and introduce me to your agent, please.

So that’s the first working week over and done with. Now let’s throw everything in the wash and start again differently on the following Monday…

capsule wardrobe full mix and match Penny Golightly



Day 1: Breton top and black wide leg trousers

Capsule wardrobe for beginners Week 2 Day 1 Penny Golightly

What’s that? You want to take a picture of my minimalist awesomeness for your street style blog? No way! *pulls ridiculous blogger selfie face* Oh, alright then. OR, just minding my own business, buttercup, with an extra layer cos it’s chilly out there today.

Day 2: Off-white blouse and green skirt

Capsule wardrobe basics Week 2 Day 5 Penny Golightly

Two-course dinner in half-decent local pub, vs three-course dinner in the centre of town. But dinner. Make that booking, baby.

Day 3: Dark green top and navy chinos

Capsule wardrobe basics Week 2 Day 4 Penny Golightly

Sober colours and a suit jacket for sitting at the back of a personal finance press conference and perfecting that ‘serious reporter’ look. Versus, hello lovely PR people, give me all your prosecco and launch that new product range at me. Goodie bag? Don’t mind if I do.

Day 4: Mink shirt and grey drape trousers

Capsule wardrobe for beginners Week 2 Day 3 Penny Golightly

Don’t Mess With Me military vibes, or a soft suit with a hint of lace underneath. Two completely different ways to kick ass.

Day 5: Print shirt and skinny jeans

Capsule wardrobe for beginners Week 2 Day 2 Penny Golightly

Friday night drinks with the girls, and get that ridiculous flavoured cider away from me, I don’t care how trendy it is. Or a creative meeting where you need to impress. Hopefully not with a trendy cider company, or I’m kinda screwed.

Since each of the five tops can go with five different trousers / skirts, there are 25 basic clothing combinations, which is enough for five working weeks without duplicating a combination. Also, each top-bottom combination can be styled up or down in at least two different ways, giving you an absolute minimum of 50 looks (or 10 five-day weeks of clothes, which is most of Autumn).

I’ve shown you the first 20 outfits, and I think you get the picture! For a full listing of all the clothes and where to find them, have a look at yesterday’s article.

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  1. Using your hints I managed to assemble a capsule wardrobe based on autumn colours, darks brown and plum, middle tones tan, lights cream and pearl grey, the print is brown and cream. week end is another matter!

  2. I am discouraged. I got the whole picture well but I have a hard time to mix and match the outfits because I do not have a colour palette. I realised that I will have to go to the charity shop to get some stuffs. But I reckon that your explanations are really helpful for a beginner like me.

  3. Dear Penny,

    What’s up ? Hope everyhting is ok because we are missing friday post.
    Let us know,
    Love, Pat

  4. Hi Patricia – can you see it now? Should be ok.

    Good luck with your colour palette.

    P xx

  5. Dear Penny,

    No problem, and I am glad because the friday post is about the colour palette.
    Thanks, Pat

  6. Just followed your advice and managed to assemble my first capsule wardrobe. Clear and practical advice thank you

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