Ramer cascade shower sponge review

Superdrug Boots Ramer shower sponge review

The Ramer company make clever, hypoallergenic sponges, wipes and sports towels, and today I’m doing a review of their cascade shower sponges.

Although natural sponges look beautiful, I think they’re better off left in the sea rather than being over-harvested. Supply cannot keep up with demand, so let’s leave them be. Also, the texture of a natural sponge is a little on the harsh side sometimes, especially if you have delicate or sensitive skin.

That’s where the Ramer sponges come in. They last for a very long time, and they’re soft and gentle. They give bathtime a touch of luxury too, feeling cushiony on the skin and helping to foam up even the cheapest shower gel into a mass of soft, fluffy bubbles.

This also means that you can get a really good wash out of less product, so that’s nice and thrifty into the bargain. If you like to treat yourself to more expensive body washes, something like this will give you better value for money, and it’s good for the summer months if your skin becomes dry and sensitive in the sun.

They’re available from various retailers, and they’re reasonably priced too – well worth chucking one into your shopping basket next time you’re buying bathing products. For example, you can pick them up for £2.89 at Superdrug or buy direct from the manufacturer.

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