Quick! £10 champagne offer at Ocado

Champagne Faubert Brut NV Ocado offer £10 April 2015

If you hurry, Ocado is selling 75cl bottles of Champagne Faubert Brut NV for just £10 from today until the end of 26th April.

It’s a non-vintage champagne that gets very favourable reviews, and I think the offer’s going to be very popular indeed, even though it isn’t a famous name brand in the UK.

What matters with champagne is whether you personally like the way it tastes or not, rather than a fancy label, a high price tag or snob appeal. Close your eyes, have a sip, and see what it does to your tastebuds!

This offer isn’t going to be around for long, and it’s limited to 2 bottles per customer, so if you want some then it’s better to get some sooner rather than later.

It normally retails at around the £20 mark, so it’s pretty good to get a bottle at half price.

Most champagne deals in the UK happen pre-Christmas and New Year, and to a lesser extent around Valentine’s Day, so an offer at this price point at the end of April is not all that commonplace.

Might be good for spring weddings and summer celebrations, if you have any of those coming up. It’s also handy to have a bottle of something put aside for emergencies or unexpected special announcements…

I do love a nice champagne offer, don’t you?

Will you be treating yourself to a £10 bottle of what looks like some rather nice non-vintage champagne? If you’d like to see more offers like this on the site in future, please let us know.

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