Product review: Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara part 1

You know me, I like a good tried-and-tested, especially when it comes to makeup that you can buy from your friendly local high street chemist. Here’s a mid-trial review of a new mascara that claims to have a long term effect on the size of your eyelashes.

After all the fuss that followed the release of a certain eyelash-enhancing serum which retails at around £40, I was very interested to hear that Rimmel were launching a mascara that also contained what they described as ‘Grow-lash complex’ or a ‘lash conditioning serum’, for well under £10. They claim that clinical tests suggest it causes a significant change in the length of your lashes within 30 days of regular use.

Well, if this stuff from Rimmel really works, that’s quite a serious bargain as far as I’m concerned. However, with many products, especially beauty products, you wish so hard for them to work that you get a sort of placebo effect and you can start to imagine improvements that aren’t really there.

That’s why I’m testing this product on only one eye for a whole month. My left eye’s lashes are being slathered in the Rimmel, and my right eye’s lashes are either being left bare or covered in non-lengthening mascara. Then after 30 days we can compare and contrast the treated side with the untreated side. I even took baseline photos as part of the experiment. OK, I’m aware that it’s a sample size of one, and there are a few things to remember about using half of your own body as an experimental control, but it’s still going to be interesting.

(Picture copyright Joseph Connor and

I’m only a few days into this test, so I cannot comment on whether the serum works or not, but I am really quite pleased with the general performance of this product as a simple mascara. It does have an impressive immediate cosmetic effect, and performs slightly better than all the other lengthening mascaras I tested it against, from the Miss Sporty price bracket up to the Estee Lauder price range. Lashes look significantly longer with just one coat (compared against bare eyelashes on the other eye), the brush works well, definition is good and the product is not prone to smudging, clumping or flaking. It’s also buildable, and removes easily with standard formula cleansers.

The only real minus point of this mascara so far is that it takes quite a long time to dry. That’s fine if you’re taking your time getting ready for a night out, but could be a pain if you were rushing around getting ready in the morning. Of course, if the lash-growing promise turns out to be true then it’s quite possible that some consumers would forgive the long drying time.

So, that’s the first half of the review. I’ll be back with the second half at the end of September. If it works, it works, but if it doesn’t then I’m going to tell you about it too. And yes, I am aware that if it does work then I’m going to look really, really silly for a while before the other side catches up.

Golightly, walking around like something out of A Clockwork Orange, so you don’t have to.

P xx

EDITED TO SAY: The results are now in! You can read Part 2 of this Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara review here.

Full disclosure: this mascara test sample has kindly been provided by Superdrug. This is NOT a paid post or advertorial, or anything similar – it contains only my own findings and opinions.

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  1. I did something like this! You can see through Day 21 of my lash-boosting test here. I found that the lash extender (which is supposed to make your lashes grow longer and be thicker) didn’t work at all, but I loved the mascara element of mine. I’m interested to see how yours turns out!

  2. Hello Little Miss MB – thanks for dropping by! I’ve read up on lash boosting compounds and found your test very interesting. I wish there was a big unbiased tried and tested website with hundreds of people testing out beauty products that make any kind of claims. I’d subscribe to that 🙂 P x

  3. I’m also trying this mascara out and am loving it already even though i’m only 10 days into using it! My lashes look longer and feel healthier! Am excited to see the results if I keep on using it! x

  4. Hi Lucy. I’d say 10 days is too early to tell for certain, knowing the rate that most eyelashes grow at, and how serums work on them. Let me know how you get on in another 20 days and we can compare notes…

  5. Hi Penny, I was wondering how you got on with the Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara

  6. Hi Karen – it hasn’t quite been a whole month of testing yet, but come back in a few days and there will be an update for you. There might be some compare and contrast pictures if anything interesting’s happened.

    Penny x

  7. How is it working so far? I see you only need about five more days since the beginning. Really wondered if it works, because I have really short stubby lashes!I look forward to the end of your experiment!

  8. So what was the final result, is one eye now covered in lovely long lashes? Are you hiding till the other eye is done? Please let us know

  9. Hi Jennifer and Tamsin – we have a final result tonight. Here’s part 2 of the review:

  10. I’ve NEVER had great lashes but this mascara has performed miracles on mine! This is a seriously FABULOUS product, I love it!

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