Premature autumn-y nation


Dear The Weather,

This wasn’t what we’d agreed upon. Sort it out.




It has gone a bit autumn-like rather early this year, hasn’t it? While I’m hoping for an Indian summer revival it’s probably best to prepare for the worst, so here are five thrifty things I’ll be doing this week:

1. Getting up on a ladder and making sure the gutters are clear, and that there are no loose tiles on the roof. Could prevent lots of expensive water damage later.

2. Having a quick look at the double glazing, filling small gaps around windows, and checking the loft insulation, to save energy.

3. Reviewing the household energy tariffs to make sure we’re getting the least-bad deal. I say least-bad because I suspect there’s more going on than market forces with some of these price rises, but I digress.

4. Washing stored woollies and making sure they don’t need darning, and getting shoes and boots re-heeled before they reach the stage of no repair. Go and have a look at The Lean Times for some top Autumn fashion tips too if you have a moment.

5. Doing some winter planting and suchlike for the vegetable garden. Separate blog entry, that one.

And if you’re feeling blue or stricken by the mean reds, or even have the murky purples (both together) then here are five things to have happy thoughts about:

  • Better programmes on the telly
  • Perfect excuse to have bangers and mash
  • Ditto casseroles and stews
  • This season’s clothes are more chic than summer ones
  • The movers and shakers are back in their offices so it’s a good time to get projects off the ground, whether full time or freelance


What else will you be doing to get ready for the colder months, and what are you looking forward to?


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  1. It’s always a good idea to get your boiler serviced to make sure it doesn’t conk out right when you don’t want it to! Nothing worse than waking up to a freezing cold flat and finding your pilot light’s gone out. The people who installed my new boiler a few years ago have always offered a discounted rate for annual servicing – worth asking if you know who installed yours!

  2. Ah yes, the boiler service. Good reminder, thanks Jackie! Can I also add that if anyone’s renting, their landlord is legally obliged to get the boiler serviced annually, and to provide tenants with a copy of the certificate – nag them now if you haven’t seen yours.

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