My plans for a no-spend month

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I mentioned last week that I was going to try to have a no-spend or zero spend month, and I’ve decided to start it on the 15th of March. I’ve never done a no-spend month before, so it could be a very strange experience. The most I’ve probably managed at any one time is about five days, but I’ve never deliberately tried to do anything like this for longer than a couple of days anyway.

Food, drink and more

There’s been no time to plan ahead, and we’re also in the ‘hungry gap’ so there isn’t much fresh food growing in the kitchen garden. This essentially means that we’ll run out of fresh food fairly quickly, so unfortunately I am going to have to allow some money to buy basic things like fruit, vegetables, bread, fish and cheese, particularly because one of my goals already created at the start of this this month is to have at least six portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

Apart from that, we have a fairly well stocked freezer and a storecupboard to empty, so I think we’ll be able to make some good healthy meals. Maybe we should have a new Empty the Freezer Challenge, or an Empty the Storecupboard Challenge at the same time. There’s some seriously strange stuff in the cupboard, so that should be an interesting one to try. And of course, no takeaways for the month either, not that we have many of those anyway.

No anti-social stuff, please…

We’ll also need some basic cleaning products and toiletries, because there’s no way I’m going to meetings in unwashed clothes or without toothpaste or deodorant. I know some thrifty people really go for it with these sorts of challenges but I’m not going to be chucking bicarbonate of soda into my armpits and hoping for the best any time soon. However, I won’t buy any beauty treats, hair products or makeup during the month as I’m sure there’s enough in the stockpile.

My calendar also has a number of events on it where people have already bought tickets on my behalf. I can’t bail on them otherwise friends could end up out of pocket, so I’m going to keep all my prior commitments with everyone. That includes gigs, cinema and some dinners, and I’m also allowing myself to buy a drink each time I go out.

We’ll probably go to a few free events, and now the weather’s warming up a little there should be some interesting things going on in town that will keep us amused. I’ll also be keeping up with my all my business and work expenses because it’s not smart to cut corners, and my travelcard is already paid for.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but let’s give it a go and see what happens anyway.

Have you ever tried a no-spend or zero spend month? If so, please share your tips with me.


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  1. Dear Penny,
    Please keep us updated weekly about your challenge. I did a double Tenner Week, a few months ago. My food stockpile was big enough to survive, lots of fruits and vegs. For the social side, I went a lot to the local library, attended free events and shows, watched the latest movies borrowed from the library, watched some on Youtube and listened some music on radio or watched some video clips on You Tube as well. I actually loved it because I could save for my holidays.
    Good luck,
    Love Pat,

  2. Hi Pat, I promise to do regular updates on this one. PS you were very brave doing a double Tenner Week! P xx

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