PF Advent Day 2: Seasonal food in December

Shop smart, buy in season and get your ingredients while they’re at their best and most plentiful. Tasty and cheap too? Yes please. My treats to myself this month will be a whole Vacherin Mont d’or cheese, and a box of clementines. Can’t wait to get down the market.

What’s good right now?

Fruit & nuts: almonds, apples, hazelnuts, pears from store, walnuts. Imported chestnuts, clementines, cranberries, dates, pineapples, pomegranates, satsumas.

Vegetables: asian greens, brussels sprouts and sprout tops, cardoons, celeriac, chicory, endive, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, leeks, parsnips, salsify and scorzonera, winter squash, red cabbage, seaweed, spring onions, swedes, turnips, white celery.

Fish and shellfish: brown hen crab, carp, conger eel, Dover sole, mackerel, mussels, native and rock oysters, sea bass, skate, turbot, whiting. You may wish to avoid anything that’s been overfished, such as skate.

Meat, poultry and game: goose, grouse, wild duck, partridge, pheasant, turkey, woodcock.

Cheeses: Stilton, Blue Wensleydale. Brie de Melun, Vacherin Mont d’Or.

What are you going to buy? Any good seasonal recipes that use these ingredients? Please share them.

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  1. Fiona – you really shouldn’t go around saying that sort of thing to random strangers.

    Joking aside, this is not a competition, lovely readers who may be confused. As mentioned previously, the PFAdvent calendar is a mix of money saving tips, festive recipes and competitions. Something new every day. If it’s a competition, it will have the word ‘Win’ in the title.

    Enjoy the festivities and thanks for visiting.

    Penny x

  2. Vacherin Mont d’or cheese ‘drools’

    Can’t beat a nice bit of cheese – sorry just had to stop by and say πŸ˜‰

  3. Ooh lovely, drooling at the thought! I’ve only tried Vacherin Mont D’or once but I thought it was gorgeous – would love to have some to myself:))

  4. Oh btw, I’ve been following you for quite some time on Twitter:) @eppytaff

  5. Hi Sarah – totally agree. Tasty!

    And everyone else, I politely repeat that this is not a competition. You want Vacherin, you need to go out and buy it yourself.

  6. I’m glad you’re doing this advent or I wouldn’t have found your blog. Been reading through the posts and it’s really great.

  7. Hi Emma – thanks very much. Nice to meet you, and please make yourself at home.

    Hannah – you are so right πŸ™‚

    James and Yvonne – er….. I give up.

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