PF Advent Day 11: Penny’s Xmas selection box

Today we have a little round-up of some of the site’s most popular posts about making your own Christmas food, drink and gifts.

First up, here’s my gingerbread syrup recipe hosted over at Domestic Sluttery, so you can make your own gingerbread lattes for pence.

Next, it’s my introduction to making your own Christmas gifts.

Then it’s on to quick edible gifts that you can make at the last minute.

And finally, non-edible homemade gifts you can put together in a hurry.


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  1. Day 11: Pennyโ€™s Xmas selection box – please enter me into the draw. Thanks!

  2. Gorgeous recipe for the gingerbread syrup. Will be making that very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Erm, methinks you’ve all not read this properly. As Penny has said previously, not every day of the advent blog is a prize. This is a rather useful collection of recipes and gift ideas – there’s quite clearly NOTHING TO WIN today!

  4. Hi everyone, if it doesn’t say “win a…” in the title then it isn’t a prize draw. These are free recipes that you are welcome to try.

  5. Been to the supermarket tonight for the ingredients for the Brown sugar body scrub. Perfect stocking filler/unexpected visitor gift!

  6. Laura – *facepalm*

    Susie – don’t forget to make one for yourself too, they’re a lovely treat if you’re frazzled and need a bit of pampering. Have fun making them.

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