Penny’s 2010 Manifesto

I have a good feeling about 2010. Here are the Golightly new year resolutions – care to join me?

1. Don’t spend more than I can afford. Now isn’t a good time to be getting into debt, so I’ll be monitoring spending and following a budget (don’t panic, it’ll have room in it for all kinds of fun stuff). Prioritise what I most want, and pick a few other areas where I can compromise or trim the fat.

2. Make the most of what I’ve already got. Whether that’s spare cash, vouchers, time, information, skills, memberships or things to swap.

3. Embrace and master the art of the freebie. Free samples, free events, free tickets, free classes. Expect a full-on return to cheeky freeloading. What the heck, at least it isn’t shoplifting.

Do you have any financial resolutions for the coming year?

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  1. hello penny,
    i’m deffo lapping up the freebies!!!! got a delish free smoothie at the station this morning. it was so good I went back and got another to take to work!!!!!

  2. I’ve given up shopping (!) I know it sounds a bit extreme but I don’t need any more clothes and i’m already enjoy spending the extra cash on show tickets and fun days out!

  3. Hi Jenni – was it from Innocent? Very clever marketing from them, cheering up all the miserable commuters going back to work after the holidays. They really understand the feel-good factor… And extra kudos to you for getting an extra one 🙂

    Hey Tor – it’s a great idea if you’d be happier diverting the cash to exciting events and experiences. Quite a few of us could easily go for a whole year without needing to buy new clothes. No names mentioned *cough*

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