Penny Choose: Wilko Tangy Rhubarb shower cream

Here’s another little Treat Under a Tenner for you – and this time around it’s something for a refreshing summer shower from Wilko that punches well above the weight of its price tag.

Wilko tangy rhubarb shower cream gel

Today’s treat is the Tangy Rhubarb shower cream from Wilko, and it only costs £1 for a 250ml tube. You can find all sorts of low cost beauty bargains and toiletries at branches of Wilkinsons, but I have to say that this is one of their best because it’s an unusual fragrance that you can’t really find anywhere else, and they’ve done such a good job with it.

The rhubarb fragrance smells really quite fresh and naturally rhubarby, as opposed to the sickly sweet scent of, say, rhubarb and custard sweets. There is also a small amount of real vanilla extract in there, like a dash of custard on the top, but it doesn’t overpower the main fragrance – and there’s also real rhubarb extract in it.

The formulation of this shower ‘cream’ is actually much more of a standard high street shower gel, but it’s still very good for £1.00. It’s more refreshing than moisturising, but that’s often quite pleasant during the warmer months anyway.

It lathers up very well, and the scent is enough to give you a tangy wake up call in the morning shower. Can’t say fairer than that for a quid. Maybe Wilkinson’s should consider expanding this range…

Wilko Tangy Rhubarb shower cream is widely available in branches of Wilkinson, and also from their online shop where it’s currently on offer at two bottles for £1.50.

Have you tried this product out yet? Would love your opinion of it if you have!

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  1. This smells delicious! After finding it for 50p at my local wilkinsons I have stocked up!

  2. Love this product. Wish they did a bubble bath/ body butter in it too

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