Penny Choose: Tiger Stores

Has anyone visited a branch of Tiger yet? I made a quick visit last week and was pleasantly surprised.

Tiger stores are relatively new nick-nack shops, and there are currently 10 of them in the UK, mostly in the South East. They strike me as a cross between the nicer bits of Poundland and an inner-city-located Ikea marketplace.

In-store you can find lots of small, reasonably priced bits and bobs that you can use to make your living space nicer, or have as a tiny treat, or give as stocking fillers. Some of it’s silly, some of it’s good looking and most of it is fairly practical.

I spotted ornaments, toys, scarves, makeup, clocks, craft and art equipment, stationery, spices, sweets, teas, crockery and kitchenware, candles, wrapping paper and the odd novelty gift. Most of it’s around the £1 and £2 mark, and I didn’t see much priced over £10.

In short, it’s cheap and cheerful fare hailing from Denmark. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that they have an ethical policy, so your few quid here and there shouldn’t be at the expense of kids in sweatshops or the environment either. Grrrreat! (sorry)

Have you visited Tiger stores yet?


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  1. There’s one in Harrow shopping centre and it’s a pretty good one! I managed to find some notebooks and packs of biros for around £2 each. Glad to hear about the ethical policy, especially when you don’t expect a ‘cheap’ shop to have one.

  2. I hadn’t heard of these! Unfortunately, South East to them doesn’t seem to have reached Kent (we’re the most South East there is! Right there in the corner!). Conveniently however the Stratford branch appears to be literally on the route to my friends house, from Stratford station where my train drops me off. Will try it out and report back, Sgt Golightly!

  3. Hi charleymarley – I’ll be going back there to stock up on the stationery and wrapping paper very soon. Glad you like it.

    Hi Agent Tamsin – good luck with your reconnaissance mission. You should totally do the beret and trenchcoat thing, if at all possible 😉

  4. Me South East too – Eastbourne so a long trip for me. Work in Central London so may try to get to one of those. My type of store by the looks of things

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