Penny Choose: Tiger Stores’ new crockery range

This week’s Treat Under a Tenner is part of the new stock that’s recently arrived at branches of Tiger Stores. Have a peek and see what you think of this lot.

Penny Choose Tiger Stores ceramic bowl plate cup fish motif treats under £10

This company seems to have cornered the market in cheap, quirky designs in recent months, and their fish motif crockery is really good fun. They also have an ethical policy which is good to see, and not often found in this price bracket.

The black-on-white ceramic range includes a 25cm plate for £4, a medium sized bowl (handy for soup or cereal) for £3, and a beaker for £3. I could see the beaker being used as a toothbrush mug as well as a drinking receptacle if you were going for a nautical theme in the bathroom.

There’s also a matching set of serving platters priced £4 for the small one and £5 for the larger one. These are plain white, fish-shaped and oven proof. They’re being sold as ideal for cooking/serving flat fish (sole, plaice etc), but they’re also quite decorative and might look nice on a shelf or dresser, etc.

The black and white motif could be used to perk up a fairly minimalist or neutral table setting, or it also mixes really well with primary colours or a few splashes of acid brights.

Unfortunately these items aren’t available online (come on Tiger Stores, you’re missing a trick there!) but there are currently 29 stores open around the UK and possibly more opening soon.

Do you live near a branch of Tiger Stores? What do you think of their new tableware?

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  1. It’s a bit of a desert in the SW, isn’t it? And 19 stores in London? How about Bath, Bristol, Exeter etc?

  2. Hi Judy – petition them for something nearer to you. If enough people write in…

  3. I really hope they come up North lol – by the way the business is going I think they will! Fingers crossed! x

  4. Hi Danielle, hope so too. Or they could at least try mail order, perhaps.

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