Penny Choose: Schogetten pralines

Time for a little treat of the week. This time I’m picking Schogetten with the praline filling as these are my favourite flavour that they make (don’t confuse them with the hazelnut flavour – although that’s quite nice too).

If you haven’t seen them before, they’re chocolates that you can buy in branches of Lidl. They look like bars of chocolate, but they’re actually slimline boxes of chocs, each weighing 100g. When you open them up, they contain 18 rather nice petite chocolates with praline fillings.

It’s kind of difficult to get hold of pralines at a good price, which is probably something to do with the fact that they take a while to make, what with them being cooked up caramelised sugar and finely ground/pulverised hazelnuts.

I’m not pretending that the Schogetten pralines have been crafted by hand from the most exclusive ingredients, or the finest chocolate, but if you’re hankering after a tiny bit of that lovely flavour and can’t justify a trip to an exclusive chocolatier then, well, you just can’t go wrong.

To the best of my knowledge, I don’t think they contain artificial flavourings etc, which is a good sign.

You can get 18 small filled chocs for just 59p, which is a whole lot of happy for not a lot of pence. Mmmmmm.

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