Penny Choose: Sainsbury’s striped Strada mug

This week’s little treat under a tenner is both good-looking and useful, which is a bonus.

Sainsburys striped Strada mug

This mug is for very serious tea or coffee drinking, seeing as it holds nearly a pint of your favourite beverage. Yup, it’s a bruiser, made of earthenware and decorated with a cheery red stripe pattern for a little retro detail.

You won’t be able to drink out of this mug and have your pinky finger sticking out at the same time, but that doesn’t matter one jot if you really NEEEED CAFFEINE first thing in the morning.

It would also be a serious contender later in the year, when cravings for a small vat of hot chocolate or chai latte might just start to set in.

According to the reviews, some people have also been using these enormo-mugs as quirky vases, which is a nice idea. But then again, so is a pint of tea…

They only cost £3.50 each and you get a whole lotta mug for your money. These are available on the shelf in larger branches of Sainsbury’s supermarkets, and they also have them in an attractive duck egg blue stripe in some stores in case you veer more in the direction of pastels.

You can also buy the mugs online along with your groceries, or in their larger Home & Garden section.

Fancy one of these? Or is a pint more than anyone can handle?

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