Penny Choose: Sainsbury’s Alcohol Free Rosé Wine

Here’s a refreshing little treat that costs well under £10, and it’s perfect for accompanying summery lunches. This is my review of Sainsbury’s Alcohol Free Rosé Wine. Yes, really. Bear with me on this. It’s lovely.

Sainsburys alcohol free rose wine review

So this rosé wine is described as ‘alcohol free’. First of all, I normally avoid alcohol free wines because they tend to taste like a one-note apple juice or syrup, but this one’s definitely different. There’s some sweetness in there, but it’s tempered with enough acidity to keep things interesting, and there are lots of juicy strawberryish notes and other berry flavours (the kind of flavours you hope you’ll find in a standard rosé, but rarely do) mixed in with this.

I’d describe the flavour as juicy and refreshing, and as it isn’t a standard wine it isn’t going to dehydrate you either. Good if you need to get back to work after lunch, it’s an extra hot and muggy day, or you have to get up early the next day and be bright eyed and bushy tailed. It’s also something you can share with friends who can’t drink for medical or personal reasons, and nobody’s going to end up feeling like they’ve missed out.

The other thing about ‘alcohol free’ wines is that technically they can contain up to 0.5% alcohol. That’s half of one percent, which equates to approximately 3.25ml alcohol per 750ml bottle. Just something you might want to know in case you are unable to process any alcohol whatsoever, or you plan on drinking three or four bottles of this in quick succession. Otherwise, it won’t even touch the sides, and you’ll be perfectly safe to drive etc etc.

Best of all, you can drink this delicious stuff for breakfast at family gatherings, and completely freak out your mother in law. Bonus!

Anyway, if you like the idea of a flavourful low-calorie rosé without even the merest hint of a hangover, stick a few bottles of this in your shopping basket the next time you’re buying your groceries at Sainsbury’s. It’s currently only £2.50 for a standard sized bottle. Chill down and enjoy.

I’ve also noticed that their Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine (£2.75 for 750ml) gets rave reviews, so that’s on the list to try next. Will let you know next month if it’s any good. Fingers crossed.

Have you tried this alcohol free rosé yet yourself? If so, would love your opinion!

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