Penny Choose: Rubicon lychee ice lolly

The weather seems to be threatening to go sunny and warm again, so this week’s treat for less than a tenner is the new lychee flavour ice lolly from Rubicon.

They have three flavours in the new range: lychee, mango and passion fruit. The lychee one is my favourite because it’s an unusual flavour, very perfumey and juicy. They all have quite a soft set, a bit more like sorbet than your average lolly, and the push-up cardboard packaging is good for making sure they don’t drip while they’re being scoffed.

I’m not going to pretend that commercial ice lollies are massively healthy, they’re just a nice refreshing treat for when you’re sweltering. You could also buy some lychee juice drink from the same company and freeze up your own lollies in moulds, but they would contain big ice crystals and have a harder texture. Not necessarily a bad thing, depends on personal preference.

We found this new product in a nearby newsagent in London, and from the looks of things you can buy them around the UK. There’s an interactive map of British stockists on the Rubicon website if you’re hankering after some cool lychee ice.

The lollies cost 89p at the moment, which isn’t bad for a little treat on a hot day. Are you going to try one?

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