Penny Choose: Poundland Jane Asher baking range

Let’s have another Treat Under a Tenner! Today there’s a whole range of goodies for you to look at – the Jane Asher’s Kitchen for Poundland range to be exact.

Review Poundland Jane Asher Range

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the launch, and not all Poundland stores are stocking the whole collection, but it’s still worth a look.

The collection’s split broadly into ovenware, cake preparation and baking accessories, and as expected each item or pack is £1 a pop. It has quite a girly, vintagey feel and is very heavy on the pastels, although if you dislike pastels you’ll still be able to find plenty that you might like.

There’s a huge range of stock potentially available, and the collection even includes a cakepop stand and cakepop sticks and moulds, but it’s actually the baking dishes and handy clear plastic cake-keepers that caught my eye. The mini-casseroles and oval and oblong baking dishes in taupe are good for £1, although I did have to search through the stack carefully as some looked like seconds rather than uniformly perfect items. Can’t complain for the price though!

Most of the items look slightly sturdier than your usual bargain basement fare, although I haven’t had the chance to test anything to destruction yet. I suspect Ms Asher wouldn’t knowingly put her name to anything sub-standard though, as it would potentially tarnish her existing brand.

After having a good look through everything that’s available near me, I definitely think that you could make a fantastic gift basket from this range including the cute little cookbook for about a fiver, or set yourself up with a nice bit of kit for those rainy Sundays when you feel like role playing a 1950s Valium housewife. Or is that just me?

Uh huh, just me then.

Have you had a chance to play with the new Jane Asher’s Kitchen stock yet? Are you going to?

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  1. Hi Becky! I think it’s definitely worth a good rummage 🙂

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