Penny Choose: Peter’s Yard Spelt and Fig crispbread

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penny choose peters yard spelt fig crispbread

It’s time for a snack. A really, really good snack…

These are the new Spelt & Fig Artisan Crispbreads from Peter’s Yard. This company makes Swedish-style sourdough crispbreads in small batches to a traditional recipe, and they’re highly skilled at it.

The Spelt & Fig flavour is a new one that’s recently been launched, and it’s my favourite from their latest range. The recipe includes 9% figs, and they add a subtle but definite flavour to the crackers. The biscuits also have a very crisp, crunchy texture and a handmade, slightly irregular finish to them.

They go brilliantly well with cheese, and the slight sweetness of the fig makes them especially good with tangy blue cheeses or mature goat cheese.

My best guess is that they have been launched in time for the Christmas market, and these crispbreads will certainly be making an appearance on my festive menu, either after a meal or for something informal like drinks and snacks.

These are priced £2.50 for a pack of 30 biscuits and they’re a bit of a treat. You can buy them at delis, and in good cheese shops. They’re also available at Waitrose where they’re currently reduced to £2.21 for a pack.

Are you starting to stock up for the festive season? Biscuits are a good place to start!

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